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#Saab #ProjectCar #DIY #TeamWheelwell #ForTheBuild Needed somewhere to store my frosty beverage while wrenching on the Saab. Luckily I found an engine bay cupholder.

[]Timothy Markworth

I'm pretty sure I've seen legit engine bay cup holder kits for at least one car before, but I can't remember which one. Seems like bargaining in bad faith, but eh. I'm doing good to find space for all the stupid tools I need without something making itself gone forever.

Will McDonald14 hours ago

Post by Will McDonald...


[]Hayden Baker

Hey Sean Walley was at this cars and coffee.

[]Will McDonald

Yep, and he got there in the Ultima :)

[]Hayden Baker

Wish I had one

Robert Sixto17 hours ago

Post by Robert Sixto...


[]Hayden Baker

I'd love to try one of those

[]Robert Sixto

Same here, it would seem impossible to not have fun in one.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Old school aviator goggles are the only proper eyewear too

[]Robert Sixto

Agreed, with a scarf the only proper accompaniment

[]Wilson Oberholzer

A leather cap would be a nice addition too.

[]Timothy Markworth

Sure does have a cool look to it. I imagine the driving experience takes some getting used to, but it probably feels illegal at 70mph.

Phil Blottie11 hours ago

Post by Phil Blottie...

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Congratulations on your win!

Sean Wally17 hours ago

Couple of very nice older Ferrari have shown up at the Cars and Coffee. Love the classics way more than the moderns for that particular brand. The number 28 car is the Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione that won the Grand Touring 5000 class at the 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans. It's a fantastic car. Worth between $13-16 million Dollars. #CarsAndCoffee #Ferrari #ClassicCars #VintageCars


[]Hayden Baker

Ugh wtf. Your cars and coffee is amazing

[]Sean Wally

Kinda sorta happens when you live in an area with an insane income gap, for all of the good and bad that it brings.

[]Hayden Baker

Yeah not a fan of the Bay area. No offense. Just not a fan of how much is owned by people from other countries while normal American families are "poor" if they make less than 6 figures.

Swept in here today #Shop

Hayden Baker11 hours ago

Can't believe this is what the car looked like for my first visit to Roebling back in 2015. Really looking forward to gong back in November.

Fred Shattell14 hours ago

Post by Fred Shattell...

[]Hayden Baker

Love those wheels

Brayton Bendlak9 hours ago

Post by Brayton Bendlak...

Jordan Adamson9 hours ago

Post by Jordan Adamson...

Alexander Blue10 hours ago

Post by Alexander Blue...

Brian Chin13 hours ago

Post by Brian Chin...

James Lines9 hours ago

Post by James Lines...

BBS 11 hours ago

Post by BBS ...

Chris Hall12 hours ago

Post by Chris Hall...

Leonel Velasquez 12 hours ago

Post by Leonel Velasquez ...

Edem Wade11 hours ago

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Haris Bijedic14 hours ago

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Adam Colombo10 hours ago

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Edem Wade10 hours ago

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Richard Gollen12 hours ago

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Richard Gollen12 hours ago

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Marcel Sulborski11 hours ago

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Richard Gollen12 hours ago

Post by Richard Gollen...

Richard Gollen12 hours ago

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