Tom Armstrong17 hours ago

Well thanks to YouTube鈥檚 new policy my channel is no longer available for monitization. No really, everybody can watch my videos without ads. Muahaha. The downside is though, channels with stupid or annoying content and a large following will still be making money. Seems like videos should be put into categories like; Vlog, comedy, life updates, and technical instead of it all being put together


[]Chris Dirkschneider

Yeah, this is in my opinion crap.... but all you need to do is get 1000 subscribers and (i believe 10,000 views total...) . Anyway, I am enjoying your ad free videos for free!

I did find it entertaining that YouTube creators put out a video for people to put more videos on YouTube just the other day, saying don't be scared just put up your videos. I am guessing a lot of small channels that haven't grown yet are not uploading anything anymore. I haven't uploaded anything in a while, and typically it is for my boys stuff on "The Tristan and Alexander Show" playlist so they can watch their own videos on anything (thier iPads, TV, etc.)

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[]Marshall Owens

I'm subbed. And I can attest to the quality racecar content.

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Colin Chambers13 hours ago

I decided winter is over, so I'm taking the beast outta hibernation. Clay bar, 3 coats of carnauba wax, and two coats of polymer sealant. Looks brand new and I'm hype about it, lemme know what you think!!


[]Robert Sixto

Hahaha, you have the authority to decide that!?
Not gonna lie, I'm kind of leaning towards the same this week with my FC! Looking good, black is high maintenance, keep it protected!

[]Colin Chambers

Yes!!! Do it. For sure a good choice, and that shine lasts a long time. Plus the way the water just falls off it is crazy. Mine looks black but it's actually midnight blue, and purple in some light! It's wild

[]Yves Vds

Very deep shine. Should protect your paint for the coming months. Which brand do you use?

Which application do you perfer? The mild slightly subtle mods or the in your face I bells whistle s and shit????


[]Gregory Garoppolo

I prefer it when people struggle to figure out what's different but realize that that is the case, to me that means that my car's modifications are cohesive, wether that be in appearance or in performance.

[]Robert Sixto

Yes, this 100%!

[]Robert Sixto

I like the subtle, obscure little details that those on the know might recognize.

[]Christopher McDowell EL

I can get down with that

[]Mark Ayers

Given that I've been around the autocross world for so long, I'm a fan of straightforward functional mods. Some flashy stuff like huge wings and such is fine if its functional, but I'd say I generally prefer more subtle stuff.

[]T!J! Hisaw

Vanilla Mod is my favorite. Meaning all you do is enhance the cars features. (The subtle mods) my Chevy Cruze I had and myToyota 860 I currently have are the best examples of this.

The majority of my other cars I鈥檝e had were all Sleeper Mods Lol

[]Christopher McDowell EL

Being slick I see

[]Timothy Markworth

Just enough rice to say I ruined it. I keep contemplating the thought of adding scoops to my Caliber even though it doesn't deserve it.

[]Sebastian Nounou

I like quantifiably better shit...

[]Tom Armstrong

I used to be the oem look my car looks like a space station smh...

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Jared Eleccion12 hours ago

Anyone have a favorite local track or all-time favorite? Over here in California I'm lucky to be close to #buttonwillow #thunderhill #sonomaraceway and my personal favorite #Lagunaseca #autocross #racetrack #carporn #track #carporn

[]Robert Sixto

I've only been to a couple, Autobahn country club, and Blackhawk farms raceway. Of the two, Autobahn is the bigger, newer, and obviously better track. However, I can not deny the charms of Blackhawk farms, and I just love that place.

Jake Lyons12 hours ago

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[]Robert Sixto

#dirtycarshavefun 馃榿

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From tires to turbos, Wheelwell has everything you need for your dream machine.


[]Tom Armstrong

very nice, love the conversion

[]Humberto Martinez

Im sorry, what conversation bro? Are you talking about my bio? I'm a bit lost.

[]Tom Armstrong

Sorry, I meant the conversion. Damn spell check

[]Humberto Martinez

Thanks, lots of hard work on this car. Was just about to paint blue until I got t-boned. Very fun car.

Jordan Adamson12 hours ago

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Ryan Haugh8 hours ago

Boomba symposer delete is on the way! Finally!

Part for sale


San Jose, CA

Sean Wally8 hours ago

Open differential from a 1997 Mazda Miata. 4.10:1 ratio. Diff and carrier are in good condition thought the axel seals will need replacement. Car had 185,000 miles on it when the differential was replaced with a limited slip unit. Selling low because it's just taking up space in my garage.

What was your childhood poster car(s)? Mine were the: 1993 Lamborghini Diablo, 1992 Dodge Viper, 1990 Ferrari F40, 1993 McLaren F1, Bugatti EB110

Steve Clasen9 hours ago

I have an old 1997 Subaru Legacy that gets driven 400 miles per year on the track and another 4000 miles on the street. Track handling is my top priority for this car and am just adding final odds and ends. I'm looking for opinions from people who have run solid engine mounts and/or solid transmission mounts. I don't lean towards quiet or comfy as my interior is stripped but would this be too harsh for the street? I

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