Jake Baldwin19 hours ago

Does anybody else feel like they practically live at the gas station?


[]Ernie Szots 3 points

Nope! :P

[]Jake Baldwin 2 points

Hahahahaha I know some people with cars that get mileage like yours and they always get mad when I drive places because I always have to stop for gas, and then continue to brag to me about how they fill up once every three weeks.

[]Ernie Szots 2 points

Man, I've been super fortunate to work from home for roughly the last 6 yrs. I get an average of 31 miles per gallon and without a commute for work, it's more like fill-up once every 3 months LOL. Still, there are definitely times I wish I had less mileage and more power. I don't plan to ever get rid of my Yaris (worth more to me and worth more as a backup car than what I'd get for it), but when I eventually buy another car, it's going to be something with significantly more power. I've been eyeing the Focus RS since it came stateside.

[]Jake Baldwin 2 points

My taste is geared more towards V8 Muscle cars and things of the like, but I have gotta say I LOVE the focus RS, the Recaro seats and the blue trim looks amazing, ford really knocked it out of the park with that car. Even the focus fiesta and focus ST is worth taking a look at, the fiesta is a great little rally car and you should pick one up soon if you are thinking about one because they are being discontinued in the states.

[]Ernie Szots 2 points

I've been reading about that. Sad to hear it.

[]Jordan Adamson 2 points

i know the feeling all to well lol, My Truck gets between 8-13MPG and i usually burn about $50 every week and a half to fill it up.

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Teagan Alexander13 hours ago

I've got a question for the community, what's your favorite Need for Speed video game and tell me why.聽 I'd really like to know.


[]Yousif Abuhajeb 1 point

Those all dont compare to Forza. Forza is the best hands down

[]Basir Khan 2 points

High Stakes. Played that to my heart's content on PC. The E39 M5 was my go to car :)

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[]Robert Gaskins 1 point

I liked the O.G original underground and underground 2 bc I played those lol I haven't been to much into video games but I did play those and most wanted which was good and one more on the ps3 but I didn't care for it but I love the personality you could put into a car to make it yours plus your get put in mags. And the celebrity cars you unlock just fun games love em

[]Teagan Alexander 1 point

Cool! If you ever get the chance, try playing NFS Rivals. It doesn't have a lot of customization, but it has a ton of action packed races in the game.

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Cameron Wilson19 hours ago

Never knew deciding between single and twin would be so hard 馃槩馃槩 any opinions??


[]Carl Jenkins 1 point

Straight 6? Single, no doubt.

[]Cameron Wilson 1 point

1uz quad cam 32valve v8 馃槉

[]Ernie Szots 1 point

I don't have any personal experience with boosting a car, but from all my reading/watching, my perception is that going big single is a lot more headache free than going twin.

[]Cameron Wilson 1 point

Thats true most likley doing single gt45 call it a day. But dont the twins just look so nice being even on each side 馃槏

[]Basir Khan 1 point

All about that symmetry...and power!

[]Cameron Wilson 1 point

Yep either twin gt30s or single gt45 but im leaning towrds single gt45

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[]Tom Armstrong 1 point

why does it say "STI" swap if it has a WRX turbo, intercooler, and a 5 speed?

[]Emelia Hartford 3 points

EJ25 ecu, harness, block, ignition, etc. you could not just drop an EJ20 in here and expect it to work.

[]Tom Armstrong 1 point

Oh ok. so its basically an 06 WRX but without the 4POT brakes. Still not an STI but unique

[]Mitch Fanning 1 point

Where do you want people to contact you in theyre interested? Ive been lookin for a Wagon/sleeper build to work on for a bit.

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Looking for a new project. Looking to do either a drift build on a foxbody mustang or miata, or do an offroad build on an old VW bug (lifted, no body panels, etc.) Which one should I go for?


[]Robert Gaskins 1 point

Good choices though there like moods one minute your at the track so miata on the brain go to the strip mustang on the brain buddy calls you there hitting the trail next weekend vw bug build so build em all lol

[]Corey Thibault 1 point

Miata cheep as hell and easy to work on

[]Peter J Nielsen 1 point

Look forward to seeing the end-result

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Robert Sixto14 hours ago

Happy Friday! Head over to the blog to see more from Mazda Midwest at Humboldt Park! #ChicagoCarLifecene fb

Joshua Brevard21 hours ago

My dad and I went on a nice ride out to the gun range today in Misty

[]Ernie Szots 2 points

I'm a simple man. I see cars and guns and I'm happy.


[]Cory Maloy 1 point

Wheel size and offset? Tire sizes? Are you running spacers? If so what size?

[]Josh McCarns 1 point

I plan on doing a project car later in the future, is it worth it?

[]Kevin Sugameli 1 point

I would definitely say so! It's a lot of fun as long as long as you have the funds. I've learned more about cars in the last 2 years because of it than in the 20 years before that. It's satisfying to create something original and put in a lot of the work.

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Alex Rice20 hours ago

Finally photo ready with the new wheels. It's been a great couple of days to drive here in the northeast!

[]Yves Vds 1 point

Love the 1st gen A8. She looks super clean.