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Tom Armstrong8 hours ago

This phrase is very expensive, you guys know what I'm talking about. You pull the car apart to do an upgrade and you notice 57 other things you can do "while you're there". $200 here, $400 there......before you know it you've doubled the cost of a single upgrade. Is it the smart thing to do? Of course it is, don't be silly. ;-)


[]Randy Gross

I was just going to change the valve cover gasket on my Miata. Then "while I'm in there" hit and it has expanded to a timing belt change, water pump, front crank seal, accessory belts, hoses, aluminum radiator, fans, spark plug wires, and a coolant reroute kit. I just wanted to change a leaky valve cover gasket! I second the love of the pic as well!

[]Tom Armstrong

Hahaha yep, you went deep into it here, from a $20 repair to $500.....well done sir!

[]Ernie Szots

Love this pic.

[]Tom Armstrong

My wife took this while I was working on the transmission. The car is pushiest into a corner of the shop where lots of trash collects, I was like “whoa that’s dirty” lol

[]Ernie Szots

It is dirty. Filthy, even. And the trash on the ground is pretty bad too :P

[]Tom Armstrong


[]Wilson Oberholzer

Oh yeah, "while it's out" or "while I'm in there" can get very expensive, lol. I was playing revamping the whole serpentine belt system on my wife's 525 as a "while I'm in there" sort of thing when I was going to overhaul the cooling system. The extra parts were easily another $300.

[]Tom Armstrong

Hahaha yep that’s exactly how it starts.

[]Matt Heeley

Try playing that game with a rotary car. My project is continually like pulling on a loose thread on a sweater. Crap just keeps unraveling. Blow up a turbo? Clearly it's time to build a new manifold! Taking off the upper intake manifold to put on a different oil filter pedestal? Clearly that's the time to bend new fuel lines out of stainless tube! I'm such a sucker...

[]Robert Sixto

I'm very guilty of this, but I've started to get better about it.

Avery White7 hours ago

Post by Avery White...

Robert Sixto8 hours ago

I have been running Corksport's adjustable front upper control arms on my Mazdaspeed 6 for a few years now, and thought I'd set out a proper product review, with the added benefit of some long term usage. Corksport is one of the relatively few companies to support the Mazdaspeed 6 platform, so when I saw they offered these replacement arms, I was eager to purchase them and support one of the companies that supports me, so to speak.

Robert Sixto6 hours ago

Post by Robert Sixto...

John Volante7 hours ago

Post by John Volante...

[]Sac Car Scene

Great photo indeed. Love this 86 too. looks really nice in this color.

Joseph Kim7 hours ago

Post by Joseph Kim...

Fred Shattell9 hours ago

Post by Fred Shattell...

Hoyt Richardson7 hours ago

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Post by Alexandre Boisvert...

Jennifer Leung9 hours ago

Beautiful Day, with beautiful rides ☺️ #carporn #mazda #honda #nissan #advise #daily_driver #love #beautiful

[]Christopher McDowell EL

Quite the line up you got

Jennifer Leung9 hours ago

#daily_driver #mazda #advice #carporn #newmid #intro #love

Blake Voyles7 hours ago

Post by Blake Voyles...

Shawn Davis7 hours ago

Post by Shawn Davis...

Jon Dagata7 hours ago

Who all has car related tattoos? If not, would you ever get one?

__ PAStreetScene7 hours ago

Post by __ PAStreetScene...

#Honda #Fit #Daily_Driver I'm starting to look into some accessories to get my wife's new Fit to where I want it and I just wanted to see what my options are for getting OEM accessories. I'm mainly looking for: High side all weather floor mats Cargo cover Window visors Cargo tray So far, Majestic Honda ( seems to have the best prices but I want to see what other places have. So, where's the best place to get OEM Honda accessories?


[]Sebastian Nounou

I adore that color for some reason....

I want to paint my EK in it.....

[]Sebastian Nounou

Here’s how I do it: Start Majestic Honda parts online. Locate part and part number. Google part number, use Google shopping tab and order by cheapest. Make sure it’s what I want, and go.

Save 20-30% constantly this way.

Brandon Craft6 hours ago

Post by Brandon Craft...

Fredrick Kyle6 hours ago

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Ryan Albert8 hours ago

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BBS 8 hours ago

Post by BBS ...

Sterling Vernon9 hours ago

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Dan Engstrom8 hours ago

Post by Dan Engstrom...

Part for sale


Stafford Township,

Anthony Reale8 hours ago

Brand New in the box power steering rack for 1999-2004 mustang gt. Never used. Only reason for selling is for going to a manual rack and brakes. Almost 400 bucks new on American muscle.

Jake Lewis10 hours ago

Post by Jake Lewis...

[]Adam Colombo

F8 Green gang 💪

Zack Hyatt5 hours ago

Post by Zack Hyatt...

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