Paul Kirstein7 hours ago

So My car is a 3.2ltr V6 2006 Audi A3, does anyone have any suggestions of any good exhaust brands that sell exhaust systems for the model of car?


[]John Pendergast 1 point

I woukd check out the normal brands for vw/audi stuff. Milltek, billyboat, eurojet, unitronic, apr, techtonics tuning. Also borla and magnaflow probably offer options as well.

[]Basir Khan 1 point

Hey Paul, check out some of the other A3's on Wheelwell and see what exhaust setup they have:

Basir Khan1 day ago

After months of teasing the world, BMW has finally released photos of its new M5:Like its predecessor, the sports sedan will be powered by a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 but now produces an eye-watering 600 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque.


[]Kit Lau 1 point

Beast of a car... wonder what the MSRP will be?

[]Basir Khan 1 point

[]Ryan Brenner 1 point

Wow, those brakes barely fit in the wheels. Car feels a little boxy.nis that just me?

[]Basir Khan 1 point

It's definitely got plenty of stopping power!

[]Ryan Brenner 1 point

I know brakes are important, but those brakes seem like they are over powered for for the size of those tires. I imagine a lighter brake set could do just as much work.

[]Basir Khan 1 point

I imagine BMW will offer a lighter and longer lasting brake kit for a premium.

[]Sebastian Nounou 2 points

Heh, you bet they will.... another option on the list? Now that's the BMW way!

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Evan Shanks 13 hours ago

hahahahahahah when will it stop ? we will never know RIP me BUT HEY WE DESTROYED A CIVIC AND DROVE THE LEXUSFINAL TEXAS MEET AND GREET INFO:


[]Brandon Case 1 point

Is the oil filter in the same location as the 2jz?

[]Sebastian Nounou 1 point

I wonder if your fuel pump or fuel system isn't happy...

Basir Khan11 hours ago

Post by Basir Khan...

Sac Car Scene3 minutes ago

Cars and Coffee Folsom 8/19/17 is up. Please visit the following link to see the entire video please give my You Tube channel so support by hitting the like button and if you haven't subscribed please do so. 🚗💭🎥👌

K&N Engineering 39 minutes ago

😍😍🔥 #DailyFeature @baggsyboyuk - A very epic photo by @shootingdave for this months @japaneseperformancemagazine, make sure you grab a copy and check out the story behind #BattleDrift 2 & building the GTR! #Baggsy #KNFilters

Wheelwell 8 hours ago

This week's Inside the Build ain't your run of the mill #Volvo! Check it out on!

Will McDonald1 hour ago

More much needed parts! New racing fuel cells from Fuel Safe, and front uprights and fuel system from Ultima. The car will be a roller soon!coupe

Ben Cruz47 minutes ago

A couple of my favorite cars from cars and coffee this past weekend. If you enjoy my work email me at to set up a shoot! I shoot just about anything, cars, people, events.

[]Basir Khan 1 point

Very nice photos!

Amanda Hart7 hours ago

Rose Gold all the things 😍

[]Michael B. Gonzales 1 point

that weld is perfectly beautiful

Rico Burrito1 day ago



[]Kit Lau 1 point

Not gonna lie, this made me chuckle a bit

[]Rico Burrito 1 point

Because you amigo, have a good sense of humor😁

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BBS 11 hours ago

package on the #Porsche #GT2RS includes _ _ 📸 @chadx365

Ricardo Reyna1 day ago



[]Kit Lau 1 point

i am lovin' all these eclipse memes

[]Chad Ploski 1 point

This happens as "Total eclipse of the Heart is playing"...

[]Rico Burrito 0 points

Sabastian Nounou 😉

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Joseph Galluzzo50 minutes ago

In LOVE with the new phantom😍😍😍

Chadd Randall1 hour ago

Bianco Fuji Ferrari TDF • • @ferrariusa #BiancoFuji

Mason W1 hour ago

Thought I was going to miss taco tuesday?! Pffft.tuesday tuesday🌮 #taco

Jeff Katz6 hours ago

Found my original window sticker. After tax, title, registration, and window etching, I still came out under sticker price. 👍

[]Kit Lau 1 point

I keep mine in my glove compartment 🚙

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Thinking about interior. Should I stay with the original black, or shoot for another color? Recommendations? The exterior of the car will still be silver :)


[]Scott Huddleston 1 point

Didnt know you were on here! Welcome!

[]Jordan Shuster 1 point

Awe thanks! I joined not too long ago.

[]Sheldon Hall 2 points

If you want to keep it all original, I'd keep it black. I'd personally go with a red interior, but I have a thing for silver/red cars.

[]Ernie Szots 1 point

Even in a classic stang like this?

[]Sheldon Hall 1 point

Well maybe not if its just the seats, I love the red interior that included the whole dash, carpet, and the lot in those original ones.

[]Jordan Shuster 2 points

I've looked at the red interior kit options from CJ Pony Parts (I'm a sucker for their stuff) and I do think it'll look really cool with the silver/black exterior :o

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Sterling Vernon6 hours ago

What driving on the road feels like some days

Zach Will16 minutes ago

Well the crank in the slanty six is nearly locked up. Can't turn it by hand but the starter sorta can. Guess the rebuild is happening sooner than expected. Glad I got that parts truck.

Jason G53 minutes ago

melted the brake pad wear sensor during the last track day.... So it was just hanging there when I inspected the brakes afterwards.

Danny Courtney 9 hours ago

TOP SECRET NEXT MOD: me on Wheelwell: