Brian Miller10 hours ago

A few photos from a car show this weekend


[]Tabitha Blagdon 1 point

Nice - looked like it was a blast

[]Basir Khan 1 point

Which show was this?

[]Brian Miller 1 point

"Sunday Morning Car Show" in South Salem NY

[]Basir Khan 1 point

Never heard of it. Will have to check it out next time I'm home!

Richie Day3 hours ago

Rear camber kit for the Accord!

Volodya Borisov5 hours ago

Its my beauty

John Perkins7 hours ago

Front control arms, strut mounts, spring perches, bushes, Eibach... MORE

Ryan Burkett1 day ago

Me and my good friend Cody took our BMW 335i's out to Tennessee... MORE


[]Joe Del Zotto 1 point

Were there a lot of cops out there? Ill be headed there in a few weeks myself.

[]Ryan Burkett 2 points

I only saw 1 cop while I was there and he was driving on the road and could see him a decent way off. Cops really aren't a big threat since in most places on the road the speed limit is a challenge for most cars and photographers take up almost all the turn-offs where they could sit and run radar.

[]Joe Del Zotto 1 point

thats music to my ears

[]Ryan Burkett 1 point

I'm sure I know I was a little worried about cops as well before I went up.

[]Joe Del Zotto 1 point

I bet, nice car btw.

[]Ryan Burkett 1 point

Thanks man yours all look really nice as well, which one would you take up?

[]Joe Del Zotto 1 point

hmmm thinking the GT or 488.

[]Ryan Burkett 1 point

Sweet I don't think you could really go wrong with either choice. Good luck out there and I'm sure you will get some awesome pics while you're up there as well.

[]Joe Del Zotto 1 point

thanks bud! and you know it.

Christian Morales15 hours ago


[]Kit Lau 2 points

Hey, we featured your awesome car in our Featured Rides Email this morning. Thought I'd should let you know :)

[]Bryan Slayman 1 point

Have you done any internal engine upgrades?

[]Andrey Ogrenich 1 point

Sleeved and bored to a 2.2L Manley rods and CP high compression pistons

Post by Wheelwell Express Rally ...

Sean Wally1 hour ago

Printing madness continues. Hooded gauge pod development. The pod The supports will get heat set M4 screw inserts in front and back. The face and back may be printed or cut from another material. Two holes on the bottom of the pod to install an aluminum mounting bracket with pop-rivets. A similar single gauge pod will be designed and printed for the 108mm tachometer/speedometer. On the fence about having the final versions printed in hard Nylon by Shapeways.... MORE

David McWhite10 hours ago

Two of my favorite things. #PerfectMatch

Brett Turner18 hours ago

All oil/coolant lines ran, started my AC delete, tucked some wiring,... MORE

S3 sitting a bit lower on H&R Sport Springs!

David McWhite10 hours ago

to of my favorite things. #PerfectMatch

Eddie V19 hours ago

Getting an e85 and 35 shot of NOS  tune for my car this week, company... MORE

Chad Bordwell14 hours ago

Yes! My girlfriend and I had lost an entire day of shooting last... MORE

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Thomas Hisaw2 hours ago excuses for a sub 20 second... MORE

S3 sitting a bit lower on H&R Sport Springs!

Mark Zanella6 hours ago

Here's more dash cam video of my fastest run from today's event.... MORE

Post by Wheelwell Express Rally ...

Cody White14 hours ago

Waiting on my flares to get clear coated. Gathering hardware to... MORE

Joe Del Zotto1 day ago

Something new on the way, its vintage, orange and mopar!


[]Basir Khan 1 point

Those rims look amazing! Do they come with the car?

[]Gunter Wunderlich 1 point

yeah everything comes with the car, soon it'll have halo fog lights and a muffler delete.

[]Andrew Johnson 1 point

Selling this to make room for the '17?

[]Gunter Wunderlich 1 point