Peter J Nielsen12 hours ago

About a year ago, after the WTCC round at the Nurburgring, the... MORE

[]Kit Lau 1 point

Of course it would be a Volvo...

Owen Housden18 hours ago

This is a mid tune dyno pull in my 07 Mazdaspeed 3. The clutch... MORE


[]Rolando Petit 1 point


[]Peter J Nielsen 1 point

Some really nice numbers? What turbo are you using?

[]Owen Housden 1 point

It's a BNR S4V2. Prettymuch its a gt3076 stuck into a housing that is a direct bolt on for the 2.3 disi engine.

[]Peter J Nielsen 1 point


Peter J Nielsen9 hours ago

My fellow-Swede, Kenny Brack, just recently set the all-time lap-record... MORE

Jeff Katz4 hours ago

Finally gave in after having the same wheels for 7 years. 聽I am... MORE

GTI Mod Blog 8 hours ago

Once again, Wheelwell heard it first. We're thinking about starting... MORE

Matt Farah1 day ago

This is the Goblin made by DF Kit Car out of Texas. It's an open-wheel... MORE


[]Owen Housden 1 point

Did you get any bugs in your teeth?

[]Sebastian Nounou 1 point

I dig the shit out of this.

[]Pete Ballentine 1 point

Looks like a pretty good alternative to an Ariel Atom for 1/3 the price.


[]Galen ---- 1 point

Gorgeous build

[]Rob Bailey 1 point

thanks! I'm envying your 351!

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Rolando Petit15 hours ago

The heart of the beast 馃敟馃弾

[]Michael B. Gonzales 2 points

Nice, very nice.

Zach Will13 hours ago

Two peas in a pod.

Michael Jobusch13 hours ago

Shafting the mistress - just test drove it with the good CV joint.... MORE

Stoked to be taking part in the Southern Express Rally!


[]Andrew Johnson 1 point

Looking good!

[]Dane Arnold 1 point

NICE! I'm still not ready to go road tripping. Been hunting down gremlins on my car... Have fun!

[]Michael B. Gonzales 1 point

I feel your pain on the Gremlins - luckily I'll be driving someone else's ride at this rally :)

Joey Pulcino6 hours ago

Sorting out things and getting the car closer to where I want it,... MORE

Andrew Davidson8 hours ago

Grimmspeed catless j-pipe/mid pipe combo ordered last November,... MORE

Jason Miklos9 hours ago

Headers are installed now! 聽Went pretty well thanks to SoulSpeed!... MORE

Galen ----10 hours ago

[]Galen ---- 1 point

Upper radiator support just past the spring support is entirely mangled, going to cut that out of parts car and weld in. The frame is in perfect condition.

Gabriel Otrin12 hours ago

The next steps include laying fiberglass and carbon fiber ;)... MORE

[]Galen ---- 1 point

Amazing work

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D Jackson3 hours ago

New irk 350mm steering wheel and mugen shift knob

Sheldon Hall1 day ago

BMW just released these pictures of the brand new flagship luxury... MORE

Andrew Davidson8 hours ago

Exhaust arrived today!

Dane Arnold10 hours ago

Mounted the BFG Rival S 275/35/R18 on my 18x10.5 FF4's. 聽Ready... MORE

Trevor McAuliffe11 hours ago

She could use a cleaning but she's still pretty 鈽猴笍

Kit Lau12 hours ago

I am curious and interested to hear and see what everyone's usernames... MORE

[]Basir Khan 1 point

It's a secret :) #2fast2basrious #youllneverknow