215 HP
151 LB-FT
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type

Hi my name is Anthony, AKA Sac Car Scene for my YouTube and Social Media Channels I am the owner of a 2015 Subaru BRZ series.blue . My car is 1 of 500 Satin Pearl White Limited Edition Units that was imported to the US Market in 2015. After reading up about the 86 platform, I decided I would start looking online to see if any used ones were for sale. I ran across a listing in Colorado which had a beautiful 2015 series blue with only 3500 miles on it. I decided this would be the car. I made an offer and it was accepted and after having it trailored to California and going through the registration process the car was now mine. I really loved the look of the car especially with the white with the black wheels. The STi package which was part of the series.blue edition, really made it stand out. Here is the extensive list of modifications I have made. JDL UEL/Catted Header with titanium ceramic coat Invidia R400 Cat-back Exhaust. Delicious Tuning Mk I Flex Fuel Kit Tuned by Snail Performance Mishimoto External Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kit Mishimoto Cold Air Intake Tube Apexi Drop in Air Filter STi Battery Tie Down STi Rear Wing Gurney Flap STi Fender Garnish APEXi Coilovers -N1 EXV DAMPER Grimmspeed Front Strut Tower Brace Grimmspeed Brake Master Cylinder Brace JDM Rear Diffuser Valenti Sequential Red Lens Tail Lights Diode Dynamic Tail as turn module with LED bulbs Diode Dynamic Yellow Fog Light LEDs Headlight Armor Yellow Fog Lamp Protective Film Hella Euro Horns Function and Form Powder Coated Lugnuts Michilin Pilot Super Sports Motul 300 Gear Lubricant Amsol 0W-30 Motor Oil, Joying Android Head Unit, and Rexpeed Wide Angle Mirrors. The first modification I made to my car was adding a new Apexi Clean Air Filter to it. This is perhaps one of the easiest mods anyone can make to their car. Of all the mods I have done, IMO the one I noticed to have the most drastic effect was the addition of the Un-Equal Length Header. It helped get rid of the torque dip as well as gave the car the nice boxer rumble. Part of owning a Subaru is getting to enjoy this distinctive sounding motor. When I select parts for my car, I typically do some research on which parts have been trialed and tested. I stay away from the cheaper built items, because I do not like to have to replace parts seldom because of poor quality or fit. I also try to plan my builds so I am spending less time under my car, so I will do modifications around oil changes and such so I can lift the car at the same time to do them. As for install tips, I recommend always doing research on the parts, test fit them before installing, allowing the car to warm up and test driving it near your home before going on a long drive this way if you need to re-tighten bolts you can do so, always check for leaks. One more tip, is to always keep your OEM parts and make a list of everything you do as well as keep receipts. The latest modification was replacing the stock mirrors with Rexpeed wide angle mirrors. I recommend this due to the lack of blind spot visibility with the stock mirrors as well as the Rexpeed mirrors being polarized which remove te glare from the sun. One of the biggest challenges modifying my car has been the fact that I live in California. It is nearly impossible to be able to use a lot of the after market parts and still being able to pass smog tests. Most performance modifications to the motor have to be reversed for smog testing. I have plans to to do some auto cross events in the near future and most likely will be looking to get some specific wheels and stickier tires mounted on my car for those events. For now the car is a joy to drive and I am pleased with what I have done with it. It does get a lot of compliments at the local car events and there is always someone interested in it and what I have done.

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[]Money G

Amazing build!

[]Jordan Shuster

Oh wow, what an awesome car!

[]Sac Car Scene

Thank you Jordan. It's a fun car. Hope you have a nice XMAS.

[]Jordan Shuster

You too! :)

[]Yves Vds

Very nice BRZ, definitely one of the nicer ones I have seen!

[]Sac Car Scene

Thank you Yves.

[]Chris Dirkschneider

LOVE THE WHITE BRZs!!!! So do want one!

[]Christopher McDowell El

I see you lookin like "because racecar"

[]Ben Moore

Nice ride! I think I have seen this car at Folsom cars and coffee.

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