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Craig Crall19 hours ago

What's your HP to Weight ratio? Just for fun, I wanted to see how my car compared to some of the best new car offerings. After reviewing several sources, I found a Road & Track article that summed up the best of 2017 cars, Horsepower to weight. I threw my own car on the list and not surprisingly, it's towards the bottom, but, still better than a few. To make the top of this list, I would need another 330


[]Brett Turner

Car should weigh about 3250 with me in it, at 600whp I’m at 5.4lb/hp

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[]Jake Friedberg

Idk I have 190whp so I’m not sure

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[]Robert Sixto

Assuming my car is about 2800lbs. and I'm making confirmed 332whp, it puts me at 8.4. Wow, is that right?

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[]Matt Lorentzoe

Crank or wheel hp? Weight with driver or no driver

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Tom Armstrong1 day ago

This was last year when I took the car to ToyotaFest, cleaned the car more than I ever had. The car has changed a lot since then, and I’m itching to clean up the engine bay. I want to get a cold air intake and finally finish my Mil-spec harness. Any other suggestions?


[]Randy Gross

If you have the chance, paint the valve cover. It is a simple thing but would add a lil pop when you open the hood.

[]Tom Armstrong

It is painted. It’s black with stripes to match the livery

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[]Craig Crall

Since you asked Tom, I would say that a transverse mounted turbo LS engine would really spruce things up. I kindly gave you a link below which has an example for you to follow. If you start on it now, you should be done with the swap by next race season.

Here's your link, I think you'll like this---->

[]Tom Armstrong

Holy hell Batman!

I’m not doing that, I’ll sell it before going that far

[]Craig Crall

Com'on Tom, where's your sense of adventure? Tell you what, let me know when you do your LS swap and I will fabricate the motor mounts for you, free!

[]Tom Armstrong

C’mon Craig, don’t you know what that would do to my weight balance?

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[]Yves Vds

Any cooling plates available for this car? They clean up the engine bay quite a bit on most cars.

[]Tom Armstrong

What exactly are you referring to

[]Yves Vds

Those aluminum plates that fit over the radiator, usually sits on top of the bumper.

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[]Tanner Mckee

You can replace ever box and cover inside with metal ones or different colored plastic ones

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Michael Jobusch7 hours ago

I’m putting on new, precision-fit centering rings - look at my old ones versus the new one (grey) - the ones overlapping are actually just one ring - they are completely shot. I’ve cleaned off the rotor hats, and primed them with some cheap primer - it looks better than rust. You can also see the replacement Gorilla rings I’ll likely not be using again. Hopefully when I start out now, it won’t make a crunchy

Will McDonald8 hours ago

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Anthony Pennacchia11 hours ago

Post by Anthony Pennacchia...

[]Robert Sixto

Pop ups or go home! 😁👍

Fred Burge9 hours ago

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Kelvin Tso6 hours ago

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Alexei Belechev7 hours ago

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David Montgomery7 hours ago

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John Volante8 hours ago

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Kieran Navaratne7 hours ago

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Michael Jobusch11 hours ago

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[]Michael Jobusch


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Nicholas Baldwin8 hours ago

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Fred Burge7 hours ago

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Eddie Clark8 hours ago

Coilover Install and this car is going to have engine out services. Part 4 is up!

Moez Sayani7 hours ago

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Jacob Hoffman9 hours ago

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Post by Michael Ciccolella...

#newmod #diy #saab #og93 #project_car #TeamWheelwell #ForTheBuild I finally got a new boost gauge to go in the Saab to replace the broken one that's currently in it. It may be a cheapo eBay special but should be good enough to show it's boost levels and not look like garbage when I go to sell it.

Adam Pembroke6 hours ago

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Kaleb Thompson8 hours ago

If you don’t like me at my 2step then you don’t deserve me at WOT.

Zachary Hinman6 hours ago

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Daron Spencer9 hours ago

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