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Top Modded 2000 Honda Civic

#1: Joe Quirk's 2000 Honda Civic

Joe Quirk's 2000 Honda Civic...

#2: Kevin Blend's 2000 Honda Civic

I found this car while I was away at school in Arizona. It was located in Minnesota at the time. I messaged the guy and long story short he held the car...

#3: Dustin Calvert's 2000 Honda Civic

I have been a Honda enthusiast since I got my first car at age 16. A 1989 Honda civic si hatchback. At 32 I still love Honda's and specifically love hatchbacks...

#4: Aaron Bledsoe's 2000 Honda Civic

This car will always be my first love, being this was my very first car. Purchased the car in 2004 from my local Honda dealership shortly after turning...

#5: Josue Reyes 's 2000 Honda Civic

I bought this car from a close friend with a blown sohc turbo motor , sold the turbo kit and replaced the swap with a DOHC VTEC B18C1. Got the motor has...

#6: Austin Kallock's 2000 Honda Civic

Austin Kallock's 2000 Honda Civic...

#7: Tabish Shaikh's 2000 Honda Civic

This car was originally my uncles before he passed away, then it was my grandpas from 2004 to 2014. When I got the car, the car's motor was in dire need...

#8: Sean Kallas's 2000 Honda Civic

In 2011, my friends got me into cars, so I was jonesing for a manual.  Wanted an Integra GSR realllllly bad, but could never find a good one.  My dad found...

#9: Jesse Harvie's 2000 Honda Civic

Jesse Harvie's 2000 Honda Civic...

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