My story with my yata begun in March 2010, when I got into a wreck (Had an 98' Altima back then). The car was totaled and I have to look for another one, otherwise I would've had hard time to go to college. So I gave my buddy of mine (dealer in college station,TX) a call to look for a used economical car for me (Gas is EXPENSIVE in the US!). He immediately mentioned to me that he is in a process of selling the Miata I saw him riding a year ago and I loved the way it looks -only- back then! I offered him cash money for it and he agreed on selling it to me since the other buy would've gone through installment and still thinking about whether he wants it or not (Really!!!). Within one month I became a proud 3rd owner of a 95' Blue Montague MX-5. After I graduated from college I have to move back to my country (Sultanate of Oman) so I took her with me!

I had to wait 2 months until she arrived. Registration and insurance drained my pockets. It's been 8 years since we left the States but I'm still ordering parts & upgrades from the US/UK. Car is one of a kind over here (Only 3 NA exist here!! & I own 2 in which you can find the story of the other one over there!

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[]Bry Nguyen

Really cool to see somebody love them as much as I do ❤️

[]Abu Uwais

Thanks Bry

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