One day, when I got my tax refund, I decided that my life hadn't had much excitement. I wanted to desperately wrench on something, and suddenly I had the funds to do it. It ran through my mind the probability of me taking this trash car and getting it to run again. Even the seller of the car was skeptical-barely even wanted to sell me the thing. But this was more than just a junk car, it was a statement. I have to prove what I was worth, through this car. Through all the non-believers, this car has almost everything it needs to be roadworthy, and it all because of me (and some help from a couple friends here and there). I want to build car (project Rustang as I like to call it) pretty radically...like grip build, low mount spoiler, diffuser, and custom fender flares kind of deal. Lots of radical things I want to do to make her unique to her builder.

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