28 HP
Curb Weight
4500 LB
rear wheel drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
4 speed manual
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        This 1957 Farmall 230 tractor is currently owned by a member of the ACP Motorsports Family James Riggs. Originally this Tractor was bought new off of the showroom in 1957 as a gift from james's great uncle to james's grandfather (that would be a gift from one brother to another) a few years after giving james grandfather the tractor, james great uncle was struck by a drunk driver and sadly killed, The tractor was parked at sat out in the elements until 2013 when james learned of the story about the tractor and decided it would make a great christmas gift to his grandfather to have the 230 restored. The restoration of the tractor was performed to a level to make the tractor parade and non-competitive show worthy but still at a level where it could be used daily on the farm and would stand up to the use and abuse. The tractor was stripped down piece by piece and each part was inspected to see what could be saved. All of the tractor is original except for the plugs, plug wires, coil, distributor cap, coil, coil wires, water temperature gauge and the wiring, all of those parts were replaced with OEM parts or their equivalent. All of the sheet metal was repaired, reworked, coated and painted so that all of the original sheet metal could be used. The engine was disassembled, the head lightly machined and the block cleaned up all new bearings and seals were installed and the engine was assembled with all of its original internal components. The Tractor took just over 9 months to fully restore with the original equipment, it was presented to james's grandfather as a christmas present (which he loved) and then went right to work in the fields hauling hay and attending parades. This tractor although old and although considered a family member will never become a show queen and will always have a place in the barn or in a field. 

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