Engine Size
5.0 L
Transmission Type
Turbo 400

This 305 SBC was owned by James riggs and was going to be built as a performance engine with 0.030" over bore, large cam, ported/port matched heads, lightweight pistons, lightened.balanced connecting rods, and a overall sleeper look. The engine was to go into his 1985 GMC square body truck, the engine was disassembled and during block testing an 8 inch crack was found on the right hand side of the engine running right below the freeze plugs. the block was scrapped and a donor K1500 with a 350 was sourced for a body swap, the 305 parts are still being held for another mid 80's square body build in the future however.

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[]Antonio Tayah

Dude find some vortec cyl.heads. they flow pretty good at low lift which should make for some decent torque. And they're cheap. 305 L30 or 350 L31 (flow better but bigger chamber vol.) I remeber i had my 305 build all planned out in my head last year, just never pulled the trigger.

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