455 HP
420 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3300 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
5.0 L
Transmission Type
Standing Quarter Mile
12.1 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.5 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
20+ MPG
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        This is my 1997 Ford Mustang GT that I've recently overhauled completely! It was my first car so nostalgia played a large factor but I wanted a front engine, rear drive back road carver that could hold its own when the road got twisty. SN95 Mustang GT doesn't usually jump out at people as where they should start. Turns out though, it's a hell of a platform with an aftermarket more extensive than any chassis I'm aware of. Honestly it's like I hit the jackpot. The stock 1997 car I had was nothing impressive and generally poorly received by review magazines and such but by 03/04 even the best production Mustangs had proper IRS suspension, better chassis bracing, brakes etc. All of which bolt directly up to my older platform with little to no modification. My cars overhaul began when Ford and BBK had really simplified swapping the new awesome 5.0L 420hp Coyote V8 into SN95 chassis and to make it even easier, latemodelrestoration.com did a whole overview of EVERYTHING it takes to do it. I ordered an M6007 M5.0 crate motor, the BBK ceramic "Coyote Swap" headers and off road X pipe. and finished it off with a Magnaflow IRS cat-back exhaust for 99-04 Cobras. The IRS in the car is actually out of an 01 Cobra with new FRPP 3:55 gears, torsen Limited slip, 31 spline axles, and a Stifflers rear differential brace. I also rebuilt the IRS cradle with new bushings for a smoother ride and less wheel hop. The suspension set-up out back are a set of KW coil-overs I got used for $600. This is an amazing price seeing as new the whole kit is $3grand. The drive shaft is a Driveshaft Shop 1 piece aluminum driveshaft for an 03/04 Cobra. The transmission is a T-56 Magnum 6 speed which is glorious with a Exedy stage 2 clutch and an aluminum 11 bolt flywheel. slight issue with the slip yoke and the drive shaft with the newer style tranny but other than that it bolted up no problem. While I had no drive train in the car I took the opportunity to run all new fuel lines as well as brake lines (required for IRS). I also sandblasted and painted the floor a semi-gloss black and installed the full Maximum Motorsports sub frame connector kit. The brakes out back are 94-04 Cobra with 11.65" vented rotors and are the 2000 Cobra R 13" Brembos up front. The wheels are 18" staggered black/chrome lip FR500's from Americanmuscle.com. Suspension up front is an Eibach Pro coilover kit for 94-04 GT's which are fully adjustable. They sit in a Maximum Motorsports K member. The reason I went with this K member and this one only is because it is actually compression tested and rated stronger than the stock piece while allowing TONS more clearance room for headers and the oil pan. The steering rack is my stock 97 GT rack and is running stock 96-04 hydroboost for the brakes and steering. All new brake lines where ran up front as well. ENGINE. The choice was pretty simple, it's over 400hp out of the box and with a couple dollars thrown into a Cobra Jet Intake, 60lb E-85 injectors, and a BAMA tuner, I knew I could make A LOT more. With the front K frame out of the car, it was one of the easiest engines to "make fit." With help, I raised the on the hoist, rolled the motor and tranny underneath, and lowered the car, bolted up the motor mounts and using two tranny jacks just for extra support, simultaneously raised the car and the jacks above us. The MM K member is really light, which is really helpful as we were out of tranny jacks. My buddy was easily able to hold the K member in place while I tightened the retaining bolts. Retained as well as braced the transmission and that's a Coyote "in" an SN95. with it attached securely to both the K member and the subframe, I then was able to unbolt and lower sides of the K member to install the coilovers up front. After that you find out the oil filter has NO where to go so a $60 relocation kit is required. I'm not that mad though as I was able to mount it in a very convenient location. After the wiring of the super well labeled FRPP Engine control pack, The car was turn key. made a custom vertical mounting bracket for the PCM and relocated the air intake (A JBL Big CF CAI) to the factory passenger wheel well by flipping it up side down, resealing it with the same O ring, and loosening and remounting the MAF sensor on the up side of it. This allowed me to maintain the stock 96-04 battery position under the hood. Next I installed the BAMA flash software in the ECU and called BAMA. With this free tunes for life program they have I called them, sail "I have a 1997 Mustang GT with a bran new coyote 5.0L in it." I listed all the mods and requested 3 separate tunes. I was emailed 3 tunes, a street, a track, and a race tune all of which work flawlessly. I get 25% better fuel economy on my street tune make 430whp than I did with my automatic 200whp 4.6L. Better still, since it is TUNED to run optimally on E-85, with a simply load of a tune I can turn it up to 455whp, and have literally instantaneous throttle response. Inside I installed a set of Corbeau GT-1 racing bucket but I didn't install harnesses as the ODD time, I actually stuff someone back there. 99 Cobra gauges with LED bulbs, 8 ball shift nob, steeda short throw shifter. Pioneer 7.2 LED mirror-link multimedia unit. 4 Rockford Fosgate 6x8's with Mach 460 tweeters and a 10" RFG subwoofer with a 500rms watt amp capacity. Her best run at the strip has been on street tires, (315/30/18 Michelin Pilot SS) was a 12.1 at 118mph at 530ft of elevation with a nursed launched and just quick clean shifts. Low 11's would be simple with slicks. Anyway if you read all this your most certainly are an SN95 fan so that freakin awesome as this platform is such a hidden gem. Any way that's my build, it's nothing crazy but it puts a smile on my face EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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