Horse Power
325 hp
365 lb-ft
Curb Weight
3230 lbs
1/4 Mile
Top Speed
150+mph (242km/h)
6600 RPM
T5 5 Speed Manual
302ci 5.0L
220/220 @.50 .498 lift
Fuel Delivery
EFI (Yuck)
A9L (Stock)

This is my 1995 Mustang GTS Coupe 5spd with 149,700km (approx 93,000mi). I bought the vehicle completely stock with the intention of making it a good looking street car, and a capable weekend warrior track toy. I like to drag race, however I prefer the road course, so eventually I would like to build it for that. For now, the car doesn’t have adequate braking, cooling or adjustable suspension for the road course so I stick to the ¼ mile. I drive the car about 4,000km (2,500mi) per year and it sits in a heated garage unless it’s sunny and warm out. In the fall of 2017, a friend and I removed the drivetrain out of the car to do a mild street build on the engine to give it a bit more power. I found some used GT40P cylinder heads and GT40 intake manifolds online, and sourced a highly recommended machine shop to do the work. They hot-tanked the heads, cleaned up the valve guides on both the intake and the exhaust side, cleaned up the valves, port matched the heads and the intakes, installed my new valve-springs, and painted them black as part of the work. The engine also received new lifters, pushrods, 1.6 ratio aluminum roller rockers, an E303 camshaft, new timing set up, and 24lb injectors. It also has all the little air-intake mods like the calibrated MAF sensor, 75mm throttle body, and CAI. The exhaust is cat-less with BBK Shorty headers (Clear the GT40P plugs no problem, titanium heat wrapped to avoid melting any wires) BBK off-road X pipe, to a MAC cat-back. I’ve also put in a refreshed Trac-Loc 8.8" limited-slip differential with 3.73 gears, carbon fiber clutch-packs and a new street McLeod clutch. After I picked up the cylinder heads and the intake manifolds from the machine shop, the installation went very smoothly, aside from breaking one of the rocker pedestals being and idiot and not double checking the roller rocker's orientation, and trying to torque it upside-down. That $40 lesson that was more embarrassing than anything. The little things add up on a build like this but doing the build correctly and replacing anything that could be worn while you're in there is always a good idea. This build isn't all that special as this exact engine setup has been done THOUSANDS of times. But that's why I did it. If so many people have done it, it must be pretty good right? Typically a setup like this with roller rockers, unrestricted intake and exhaust, and an E303 should make about 320-340hp at the crank, and about 360-385lb-ft of torque. About 120hp and 100lb-ft more than this car came with from the factory with the old heads and cam. I am still breaking in all the new parts like the clutch and the camshaft, and it’s winter here in Ontario, Canada now, so in the spring when I bring the car out I’ll finish the break in miles and get the car tuned before hitting up the local ¼ mile drag strip and seeing how much faster the car is. When the car was stock the fastest it ever went was 14.68 @94.25mph. With the new setup I’m hoping for 13.40 @106mph. We’ll see in the spring! This is only the beginning for this car. 325hp isn't going to cut the mustard for long! But it's a good start. Thanks for checking out my car!

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[]Maggie Johnson


[]Adam Bouck

Had the car out for the first time this year yesterday! Runs and drives better than when I put away. I'm running into an AFR issue with the coolant temperature sensor being "out of range" most likely due to an air bubble in the system somewhere. I tried my best to gravity bleed it it and it seems to have cleared up the CEL code. It still doesn't drive 100% perfect as there are some tuning bugs to work out, such as the 1,500rpm idle on deceleration, however it drives perfect under part and full throttle and feels really solid. The clutch needs a little adjustment, the cooling system needs to be flushed and filled properly and my GOD this thing is dusty, but spring is here and the track opens in 3 weeks. Let's get to work!

[]Adam Bouck

I took the front bumper cover off in December as the clear coat was flaking off. Not uncommon for a 23 year old car. A local body shop repainted it for me and made it look brand new. I'm just waiting for the new headlights to arrive to finish putting the front end back together!

[]Kit Lau

Hey Adam, would you be interested in being featured on our Inside the Build weekly newsletter?

[]Adam Bouck

For sure! Send me the link if you use it!

[]Adam Bouck

Just added the Pro 5.0 Short Throw shifter to the car! Feels much better than stock! The 2nd to 3rd shift should be much easier at 6500rpm now. We'll find out in the spring, ETA 2 months (fingers crossed winter ***** off!)


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