110 HP
100 LB-FT
Curb Weight
light LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.1 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
Fast enough MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
many more Seconds
Zero to Sixty
many Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

Get ready this is a long one! but a decent read. This car was a crazy story of acquisition. I was working with a guy who owned an FC and convinced me to start the search for one of my own. I found a couple in my price range (500-2500) but none were close and all needed to be trailered to my place. I was working nights at the time and was up at weird hours, I found an FB rx7 for 600 bucks for sale in my home town posted on Kijiji in the wee hours of the morning and messaged the guy. He responded right away and told me if I came with cash the next day it would probably still be there but he had a lot of offers. I left work and went right to the location. He tells me he's more of a mustang guy and bought it off a friend for 500 bucks because that guy was being evicted. The car is mint, no rust, no interior rips, but also no gas tank, it cranks though. I tell him im in but need it towed 10 mins up the road. He agrees to do that for the 600 cash. We meet at my place and I hand him the money, I say keys and ownership in the car? he chuckles as hes driving off and says "man for 600 there's no ownership" I'm pissed but decided to try and track down the dude he bought it off of. In Canada youre supposed to sell a used vehicle with a package that details mileage and owners, so I went and got that. Big surprise, the last registered owner is not the dude I bought the car from or the dude that guy bought the car from. I figure I'm screwed and start thinking track car build. I did notice that the last registered owner lived in my home town so I opened the phone book and took a shot in the dark, ended up leaving a message. I decided I was gonna search the car itself after that for any business card or something that could help me find the old owner. and lo and behold in the cubby behind the drivers seat I found a sealed envelope. Ownership, appraisal ( for $4800) and other info on the car! I was stoked! except the guy who bought it from the last registered owner had filled out the paperwork to transfer the car but never did so! I now had two addresses to check out for the last registered owner so I headed out to those and sadly found the owner had moved more than 6 years ago from one and just last year from the other. I ended up going to the ministry to transfer the car and they just put a sticker over the filled out paperwork much to my surprise hahahaha. So I headed home happy the car was now registered to me. When I got there I had a message on my phone, FROM THE LAST REGISTERED OWNER! he asked how the car was and was concerned he was still the registered owner. I called him back and told him the story and he told me about the car, basically driven a lot but never in the winter! And I later found out my fathers good friend used to drag race mustangs with the guy I bought the rx7 from and the guy he bought it from who was going to drop a V8 in the car, hes actually rode in the car before! fast forward a year and Ive put a new gas tank in her and replaced all the suspension bushings. The car is my cruiser and will probably see some mods once the speed 3 is played out but for now its 80's unassisted rotary goodness always puts a smile on my face when I'm working on her or cruising around.

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