150 HP
2.5 liters
Curb Weight
2850 lbs
Manual 5sp
Front Rotor
330 mm
front caliper
wheel specs
18x8 +34
tire size
rear ratio
3.64 OPEN
paint code

I have had this Volvo for about eight years. The build has gone through a couple major phases. Phase one was when I converted the wagon to two door using the doors and quarter panels off of a 122 coupe that I had purchased for parts to repair rust around the car. I painted the car with single stage paint that I blended with some other materials to patina the car just the right amount. During this phase I never actually got the car running and driving and it sat in my driveway for about six years. Phase two was when I decided there was just too much work to be done to make it road worthy and reliable so the natural conclusion was to put a running, driving, more modern chassis under (what I consider) a beautiful vintage body. After lots of research and parking lot measuring I determined that the E30 BMW chassis would be a great donor. The wheelbase was close enough to work and the width (pinch weld to pinch weld) was very close. I sourced a donor BMW that had already been parted out, but still had the drivetrain and got to work. In my driveway I carefully shaved the outside of the BMW off and the inside of the Volvo and spent a full week raising and lowering and trimming and trimming and welding until I got both vehicles to meld together. I had a great performance chassis with plenty of history and aftermarket support coupled with a vintage Volvo body. I drove the car like this and was really enjoying it as I finished up some of the finer details. Phase three was sort of thrust upon me. The car was backed into as I was driving through a parking lot and I immediately knew that I'd never be able to match the patina after repairing the quarter panel. I dove in and repaired all the damage myself as well as working the rest of the sheet metal to fix door gaps and smooth out any leftover dings, dents and waves before painting it a beautiful vintage off white. I'm back to enjoying driving the car off and on and taking my kids to different meets and shows. There's still work to be done, but I'm handling it bit by bit as I have free time. Phase four will be at some point in the future as I add an even more modern five cylinder engine with forced induction for all the proper noises. The B5254T3 has been sourced from a Volvo S40T5 and mated to another Getrag G260. It's currently waiting for me to finish the wiring and source a stand alone engine management system. In stock trim the engine is capable of 220hp and 240 ft/lb of torque. I've fitted bigger injectors, and custom built turbo and free flowing intake and exhaust and am looking for around 350hp and 350 ft/lb of torque similar to what's available to the Elevate upgrade kit available for the S40T5.

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I've got a pretty cool mix of parts here all rolled up in a vintage Volvo body. I do all my own wor

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Nice - welcome!

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