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Recently added a few goodies including Addictive Desert Design's Honey Badger bumpers front and rear, SVT beadlock wheels, 40" light bar up front and two led cubes installed into the rear bumper when backing up. Also installed a heavy duty tow hook and updated the navigation card to A9. She is cruising on her way to 100k miles, never an issue. If I had one vehicle to own, including swallowing the pill of not driving stick, this would be the one, such a pleasure. I do have a set of FiberwerX quarter and fender flares, thought I was all for it but am holding off installing them. The 37s" are not giving me clearance issues. I will have some fresh pictures up soon.

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It's been two weeks with the Lund Tune using the Ngauge. Wow, and especially wow if there are already mods that benefit the tune. This was a big bang for the buck. She now runs on 93 but the throttle response and power throughout the band is very noticeable and worthwhile for me as I occasionally tow vehicles and load the bed with weight. The truck was never a slouch but compared to now it feels alive!

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Recently returned from a 6200 mile cross country drive in the Dinosaur. Couldn't be happier with this truck. The comfort was there the entire drive. I even lit a flame to her heritage after running into some trucks headed off road while going through Utah and Nevada (just some loose trail driving through the desert). Oil change before and after the excursion as well her first fresh set of plugs (all 16 :P). The SW headers are in. I should be getting the American Thunder flowmaster's in soon. Then it's off to my tuner at Wicked Motorsports for a JLT install (requires tune) with a dyno tune. Still haven't decided on whether or not to leave her at 87 or raise the requirement higher with the tune for the extra gain. Happy motoring everyone. Update's to follow!

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