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I am currently a slightly younger car enthusiast, but that doesn’t stop me from loving vehicles. I’m currently working a 2005 Jeep Wrangler. I wish to own a 2005 Subaru wrx sti. Thanks gingium!

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Will a cb antenna work as my am/fm antenna?

[]Hayden Baker

You should be able to hook up any piece of wire to your current antenna and boost the signal. I once used a pair of headphones to get network television by sticking the jack into the back of the TV. Radio isn't nearly as complex. I could be wrong but looking at a car antenna, it's just a pice of metal

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I'm inclined to say that a cb antenna will not work at all for an am/fm radio setup. Like Gregory said: the antennas for different devices are designed to work with the specific frequencies they are intended for. Is there any reason why you'd want the CB antenna over a regular am/fm one?

[]Adrian Kur

Where I live we get bad reception with stock or short aftermarket antennas and I can’t find any long am fm antennas so I was just going to get a long cb antenna and hook up the whiring to my radio

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I am not a ham radio guy, but my understanding is that the radio antennas are specific to the frequency band for which they were designed to capture. I would be very surprised to learn that an antenna for a short-band long-range signal would capture a short-range FM signal. I would be less surprised to hear you could pickup an AM signal though.

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Anyone here have bad experience with buying eBay car/truck parts?

[]Maggie Johnson

As long as it’s a good brand you should be okay I’ve never had any bad experiences! I guess it also depends on exactly what you’re looking to buy.

[]Sebastian Nounou

Yeah, don’t buy the knock offs or you’ll be paying twice.

[]Hayden Baker

So far I've never really had an issue and if I do I just call ebay and they either refund more or get me return then a refund. I try to think of them like harbor freight and only get simpler items that if they go wrong I won't die

[]Tom Armstrong

Not yet!

Every time I flip a car I buy parts like mirrors, door handles, lights, etc from EBay. It’s an easy and cost effective way to turn a beater into a decent looking daily!

On the other hand I know a guy who bought a timing belt from eBay....and it snapped after 3 months! It depends on what you buy I guess

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I've had decent luck but I try to either make sure I'm buying something that is either a good brand or comes from a reputable seller. As long as you're smart about what parts you buy and who you buy them from you should be pretty good. For some stuff it doesn't matter as much (I've bought window visors and a radio install kit on eBay recently with minimal issues)

[]Robert Sixto

So far I've had pretty good luck, but I only sparingly shop eBay, and typically only for used quality parts or stuff so cheap my expectations were low anyway.