250 HP
285 LB-FT
Curb Weight
4000 LB
Engine Size
4.6 L
Transmission Type
4-Speed Automatic
Top Speed
130 MPH

I have had this car since high school and have loved it every day since then. The car isn't very fast but it can take a hell of a beating. I have been in multiple "sticky situations" in which i was told the car wouldn't be able to drive away. The only time the car wasn't able to drive away from my shenanigans is when operator error (me being an idiot) caused both u-joints on the drive shaft to break at the same time. I have some ridiculous stuff planned for this car in the future so check back now and again.  The car handles much better than anyone would expect even with only a few suspension modifications. In addition to the listed parts, the transmission has been rebuilt and a basic shift-kit installed. The rearend was also replaced (2006 P71 rear)  when i installed the suspension parts.  I plan on modifying the suspension next: front sway bar, adjustable coil overs, and lower springs all around. If i can actually find a F150 lighting or 04 Terminator motor for a descent price,  i plan on doing an engine swap. Other future upgrade plans include wider rims and tires, Hawk pads and Stoptech rotors, Stainless works headers and Borla catback.

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