Curb Weight
~3600 LB
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
5 spd.
Standing Quarter Mile
17.4 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
~10/~20 MPG

I purchased this car in my freshman year of college it is the first car that I bought by myself. I found this car on craigslist, I drove 45 minutes with my brother to look at it. The owner had it idling in his garage, we test drove it and after that we heard a knocking noise from the engine. The owner said this happens when the engine warms up. I told my Dad about it and like any father told me to re-evaluate my choices. I couldn't lose the opportunity to miss this car and so I went and bought it for $1400 and came back all the way smiling. When I got home I put the papers of the purchase in my room and came back down to tell my brother. Then, my dad showed up to give me some more advice on the matter. Saying how it was a bad investment and so on... I didn't tell him that I bought it though and later asked him if he could get a trailer to tow it and he was surprised by the condition of the car when we got there and said that it was a good buy. I nicknamed her "the 'bad' investment" and plan to build her as good as she can be. 10 years I hope to build her to go into the world time attack series with a much more powerful power plant.

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