Engine Size
2.7 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
146 MPH
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        Outlaw 914-6 with a 2.7 '75 Carrera motor. 

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        []Michael B. Gonzales

        I've wanted this car since I first saw one in person back in the early '80s. Would be great to see more pics

        []Alan Shoemaker

        Sorry, my ex, when cleaning out her items from our house, seemed to take everything that I wouldn't want her to take, like all photo albums. :(

        []Alan Shoemaker

        Sorry for your loss, how odd that 2 Alan's would own 914-6's, great to hear from you.

        []Lane Shinogle

        I had an uncle Alan that had a 914-6, such a tragedy when he sold it. Beautiful car.

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