315 HP
330 LB-FT
Curb Weight
4191 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG
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        1975 Mercedes 450SL Convertible. 86K original miles. Complete with Hard Top and Soft Tops. This is a beautiful example of a 1975 Mercedes 450 SL V8. This car has very low original miles -- currently 86,520 (although I'm driving a little to enjoy during the summer). Bought the car after it sat for a few years and spent the winter getting it ready to drive. Most importantly -- everything works (except the quartz clock) and there is NO RUST on the body. Car is in perfect mechanical condition. Went over everything this winter -- new BOSCH plugs and wires, new brakes, new water pump and hoses. Transmission service with new filter, fluid and gasket. Oil change with MANN filter. Car fires right up, 45+ lbs of oil pressure, no smoke, runs and drives perfectly. Just had it aligned as well. Went over the electrical system getting replacing fuses, bulbs, and cleaning terminals. All the electrical system is in fantastic shape -- fresh bulbs and fuses, headlights, high-beams and fog lamps all work. New power window switches and I lubricated the window motors for smooth operation. I even rebuilt the original, and very expensive aluminum-bodied power antenna motor with a new mast which works great. Converted the AC system to r134, new electric cooling fan, and new squirrel cage and motor for the blower so it runs smooth and quietly. Nice thing about the 1975 cars is you don't have the complicated automatic climate control to worry about. Heater, defroster and AC all work. Interior is beautiful and original. Just detailed the cabin and there are no rips/tears in the upholstery at all. Seats are super comfortable. The body is in really, really nice shape. Buffed, polished and waxed this winter really brought out the original color. There is NO RUST on this car's body at all, and no sign of any repairs. Panels are super, super straight with just the most minor of wear on this 40 year old car. I did replace the outer window felts which had deteriorated, and I updated the front and rear bumper shocks to the later model 560SL versions which tuck the bumpers in about 1.5 inches on both ends while preserving the factory crash protection. Soft top is in good condition -- I lubricated the hinges and I've put it up a few times, but I'm guessing it was not used much as the plastic windows have yellowed. Includes the factory Hard Top which I have on a stand and cover which I will include with the car. This car is super original, mechanically sound and a well preserved representation of one of the best cars Mercedes ever made.

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