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        I have 7 older benz's - 3 R107 models and 4 W123 models- I have a hoarding issue with these cars and plan on letting more go. I have recently sold 3 of my other W123's and a W124. I have a project in mind on my Blue R107- I would like to take an OM 617 diesel out of a 300D turbo and drop it into this R107. Take it from 12MPG to 30MPG with hardly the maintenance issues the old 4.5 liter V8 or the fuel economy! I will share the MODIFICATIONS here as I start into the project. I have all kinds of parts for these 2 models- R107 and W123 if anyone looking for a hard to find part.

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        []Alden V dyke

        Have a set of EURO lights to sell if anyone interested, for the R107 model.

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