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homepage tile photo for Cars have helped me more than you know...
Cars have helped me more than you know...

So I haven't told many people this but I bought my 350Z while in a rehab. I used to be an alcohol a

homepage tile photo for So far we have ordered...
So far we have ordered...

So there have been a few pieces ordered and canceled and reordered later down the line. This is wha

[]Jessica Pomerleau

Can't wait to see the results 😄😄

homepage tile photo for New ideas with the 350z!
New ideas with the 350z!

For those who aren't following, tomorrow is the grand spending spree for the body on my 350z. The

homepage tile photo for Somehow the show must go on
Somehow the show must go on

It's not preferable but the guy i was working on the 350z with is being tasked to deploy with short

homepage tile photo for Christmas came early for the honey badger!
Christmas came early for the honey badger!

Lots of parts are being ordered for the Z this weekend. We have the stardast fender flares, do luck

homepage tile photo for New front bumper idea.
New front bumper idea.

So I came across this bumper made by Greggson (which I've never heard of) I took a look at alot of

[]Robert Sixto

I like that, it's a good look. Almost see hints of the 300zx in it.

[]Alek Merkoulov

Now that you mention it... Lol I see it too

[]Robert Sixto

Yeah it's that long nose, I dig it! 👍

homepage tile photo for Speak of the devil and he shall appear
Speak of the devil and he shall appear

On on a sub forum lmao. But for real, getyourwheels is probably the most helpful distrib

[]Hayden Baker

That's too funny. There's a great website called which allows you to put it all the measurements and will show you how that wheel and tire set up compares to another set up. I usually put in my stock wheel and the aftermarket one then measure off the stock wheel. It's really helpful

[]Wilson Oberholzer

It's nice to see a manufacturer being so involved with the community they provide products for.

[]Moshchnost Style and Racing

There are a few companies I know that do but they are the best that I've dealt with

homepage tile photo for New parts ordered!
New parts ordered!

Sorry for the wait guys! I've been out of town on a family emergency for a few weeks now and didn't

homepage tile photo for I got a plan!
I got a plan!

So from now til October, I'm going to be collecting body, suspension, braking components. Hopefully

homepage tile photo for Sorry for the wait!
Sorry for the wait!

So I havn't been posting for a while because I don't feel like I have too much to offer as of now.

homepage tile photo for undefined

What's your take on louvres?

homepage tile photo for undefined

So I talked to my hookup for my body kit and he said that he placed the order for the ams widebody

homepage tile photo for undefined

Had a photo shoot this weekend ;)

[]Ernie Szots


[]Jordan Shuster

Oh wow, awesome shots!

[]Brian Post

Love the rolling shot!

[]Robert Sixto

Nice shots!

homepage tile photo for undefined

New wheels! Forgestar f14s 19x11 super deep concave lol

homepage tile photo for undefined

So, after talking to a very knowledgeable source who's name I won't disclose, I was talked into buy

[]Robert Sixto

Can't wait to see that work in progress!

homepage tile photo for undefined

Found the color scheme I want for the 350z. Still saving for parts but hopefully I'll be purchasing

homepage tile photo for undefined

Got a new car and now I have to say goodbye to the eclipse!... more like good riddance lol. Don't k

[]Robert Sixto

Nice little upgrade there! Although I loved the styling of that generation Eclipse, I know they are pretty sluggish by today's standards.

homepage tile photo for undefined

Anybody know what kind of wheels these are?

[]Robert Sixto

Hard to say, lots of companies have that kind of style. They kind of look like Work VSXX's to me.

[]Alek Merkoulov

They are Forge Line WC3s.... 1330 per wheel lol

[]Ernie Szots

They look like a BBS mesh variety.

[]Alek Merkoulov

Thought so too but they are forgelines

homepage tile photo for undefined

Does anybody have trouble deciding on what they want to invest their time and money into? I've been

[]Brian Post

My time is money and figuring out what to play with or work on never comes out the way I want it to. I go one way, then something (life) pulls me the other way. You gotta do what you can while you can! You really only live once - gotta enjoy every minute of it.

[]Yves Vds

Time and money are scarce. So yeah, I am always juggling between different things and trying to set my priorities right. But sometimes life is not only about work. So yeah, from time to time I spend some money on my car. Trying to keep it reasonable, but it is not always easy. Just do what makes you happy!

[]Mister Modtomic

How about an Audi TT tuned by HPA?

[]Simon Gelinas

Honda s2000. Buy now and watch it appreciate in value. Otherwise a c6 427 vert is a great bang for the buck.

[]Marshall Owens

I know you want a vert, but maybe get a newer Mustang with the the 5.0. You get almost 400 out of the box and you can make pretty decent power with the stock internals. With some mods, you can make them handle stupid good too.

[]Alek Merkoulov

There are 2 main reasons why I like roadsters; lightweight and agility. The mustang has the hp and torque I'm looking for but I don't get the excitement I want with everyday driving, especially in an area like where I live where the roads twist and turn. A small well handling 250 hp roadster would honestly be more fun for my use than the Mustang GT. That's why I was hell bent on the miata and frs for a while. Take off 800-1300 pounds and the give me the same hp and torque and you would give me exactly what I want

[]Marshall Owens

I have to agree with you on light weight cars. Agility is a huge fun factor for me personally. How do you feel about the S2000? They have a pretty stout motor and can take some boost when you want to turn the power up. Pretty much one of the best roadsters you can buy.

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homepage tile photo for 420A hanz turbo ii manifold
420A hanz turbo ii manifold

Does anyone know the housing size of this kit? I'm looking at buying a t3/t4 turbo kit but can't fi

homepage tile photo for New project!
New project!

I have been using the eclipse as a daily driver for some time now and was planning on scrapping it

[]Basir Khan

That's awesome! Have you checked out some of the other Eclipses on Wheelwell? Might help plan your build.