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Car enthusiast first! I'm currently a full time student and full time active duty Air Force so I tinker when I can. Suspension, speed and of course, STYLING!

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I bought from forgestar once before (the f14) and loved it. Went with a more aggressive wheel this time and again, was blow away with the end result #brz #fa20 #widebody #clean.

[]Ernie Szots

Nice, new wheels are the best!

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I've been off wheel well for a while now, namely because the app would crash when I would try to post before. I've been gone for a hot minute but I won't have anything to post until I get back to the states which is in roughly 3 months. In the meantime, I have been stockpiling parts for the BRZ and it is killing me not to tell anyone what I bought. Well, I'm not posting it at least.

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Hey guys, it's been a minute! So I haven't been on in months because of some account issues and decided to make a new account. As the title suggests, I'm selling my car so if anyone near Raleigh is interested, hmu! I plan on starting a new build with a 2017 MK7 Golf GTI (manual). I'm still looking for the perfect candidate but will post more when I have something worth talking about. I've been out of the car