320 whp
380 wft/lbs
drivetrain layout
2.0 L
curb weight
2950 lbs

I've wanted a Cobalt for about 14 years, ever since I played NFS: Most Wanted when I was like 5. You know how it is, you see something you like and it sticks with you forever - mine happened to be a mid 2000's GM Econobox, and happened to become super attainable bc of the reputation. As much as everyone told me not to, I couldn't justify getting anything else. A WRX was too expensive on insurance, a V8 was too fuel inefficient, and there weren't any acceptable-looking IS300's, and the Cobalt SS happened to be that exact triangle between reliable, fast and inexpensive. After I spent 3 years saving up, I was able to afford the car and anything Allstate would throw at me, so I started looking. I found an oddly cheap SS Sedan at a Nissan Dealership, and while I didn't like the look of the sedan at first, it was fairly priced and had the engine I wanted, so I knew I would grow to like it. This car's been nothing but a joy to drive, especially after it's been tuned. Power-wise, it's staying where it's at until something breaks. Not gonna happen for a while since it's at 52k miles, but I'm just planning ahead. I don't mean to plug, but I have a Youtube channel. It's not all about this car, mostly it's just reviews of cars and shitposts. I'm pretty young but I take pride in my writing (when it's good) and hope to become an Automotive Journalist someday :) Here's the link, and if you check it out, thank you. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIB3SAZewBM-6neeNLjS1MA

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