Alex Hargreaves-Turner's 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT
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1998 Nissan Skyline R34




Vehicle Summary

Nissan Skyline R34 GTT with a built Forged 2.6ltr Turbo (RB25DET NEO). A 5 year project that should be finished this year. Whether i go further with the build after this is still to be decided.

Wheel BHP500 WHP
Torque0 LB-FT
Engine BHP570 BHP Est
DrivetrainRear Wheel Drive LSD
Engine ModelRB25DET NEO Forged
Engine Displacement2.6 L (Bored)
Transmission TypeManual 5 Speed
High Boost1.5 Bar (570) est
Medium Boost1.2 Bar (520) est
Low Boost0.9 Bar (480) est

The Story

The aim is simple, take this stock R34 GTT (aka Aby) and make it my own. Modified by me, for me. As of the 2017 Christmas period I have completed Stage 1 and 2 myself. During the the first 3 months of 2018 the final Stage 3 and 4 engine work has been carried out by RB Motorsport. This has turned this R34 GTT's engine into its Forged final form. With an increase of cylinder displacement, we have achieved a 2.6ltr RB25DET NEO. --- Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it? * When i started looking for a new car project, the only car i had in mind was a Lowish Mileage stock Nismo/Altia Black R34 GTT. Having seen some of the dealer examples in the UK in the past and private sellers that had the very lack luster descriptions and rather suspect history's, i had zero confidence in finding a decent example anywhere in the UK that will be with minimal surprises close to home, that is if any ever popped up. With my final goal in mind for the project for both the Performance and the Aesthetics i could not risk serious mechanical issues hampering the project, I had to look further afield for a car i would be confident in, which lead me to the Skylines home....JAPAN. I used a company based here in the UK TorqueGT (but with representatives in Japan) to source the car, after many possible hits and disappointments, the Skyline was found. - Describe the modifications you've made. Where did you start, what’s the most recent mod and what motivated it? * The car has had a rather long list of changes since i collected her. Mostly split between engine work and suspension optimization. The best way to describe whats been done so far is the 'Stage' method i used. Stage 1 = Breathing and engine control, Stage 2 = Suspension optimization, weight reduction and Cooling, Stage 3 = Forged Rebuild and Clutch, Stage 4 = Increased power upgrade Stage 5 = Braking. Stage 1 was to get the car breathing right and cleaned up. Turbo back exhaust, Airflow, FMIC, Fueling, Boost control and Engine Management etc. Stage 2 was to get a set of adjustable suspension arms, bushes installed, remove the Hicas and weight removal. Cooling was aided by a bigger radiator and a carbon vented bonnet. Weight reduction by removing the Air-con system, spare wheel, jacking kit and the bonnet change. Stage 3 was when the build started to get very expensive. To allow for future modification and to future proof the engine to some extent, the engine needed to get forged, upgraded clutch and a full overhaul of belts, gaskets, idlers etc etc. CP, Tomei, HKS, Nismo, Splitfire to name a few include brands of parts included in the build. Stage 4 was included in the Stage 3 work to make the most of the down time and to finish the build a lot sooner, these included but not limited to a bigger turbo, R35GTR injectors, Tomei cams, 450lph fuel pump. Stage 5 is in the final stages of being organized, a K Sport 356mm Big Brake kit is on order for the front K Sport 330mm kit for the rear. - Of all the mods you’ve made, which do you think offers the biggest bang for the buck? * Two for sure. The first was removing the Hicas, that made a massive difference to how the car behaved on track and off' It feels so much more planted. The second and probably the best to be fair has been the Forging. To be able to have all the parts installed and working at there very best without the worry of anything critical going bang. For me, why install all the upgrades up to now, if i have to be gentle or run them at a lower efficiency so as not to stress them or the engine out, it seems a bit pointless. Peace of mind on that front is worth every penny. - How did you go about selecting the specific parts for this build? Any installation tips to share? * Probably about a 50/50 split between recommendations from owners and experience in working in the motor trade. The main method of selecting parts was always based on reliability and safety, branding and cost was a factor to a point but when i am building a car to be pushed relatively hard but also as a daily car/taxi for my family, they must be worth the price and if they are, money got spent. Most of the time i stuck to tried and tested Japanese brands like Tomei, HKS, Apexi, Greddy. But on parts like the coil packs, looms, spark plugs, filters etc, i went from my own experiences with them backed by owner club recommendation like Splitfire, Surefire, NGK or even OE equipment for filters etc. - Tips to share? Buy from a reputable company if you are buying Branded products, a lot of knock offs out there on Japanese brands. On engine critical components, always buy tried and tested branded or even decent owner club recommended brands, either is better than cheap budget no name brand parts. For critical engine performance components cheap or second hand is a big no no for me. - What’s been the biggest challenge with this build? * Keeping the car clean. Black cars are a nightmare! Other than that, electrical issues, plenty of them, but with most of the car rewired its hopefully a thing of the past. - What are you planning next? * The brake upgrade should be ready to fit in the summer, then a front mounted oil cooler when i have got 6000 miles and a few oil changes on the forged engine. Once that's done it may get a different set of coil-overs but the current ones are good enough for now. Then after that its a long break to enjoy the car as a daily, on road trips, get some track time and some car shows under its belt.

Comments (14)
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[]Matt Kraemer

Overall nice, but a mistake getting rid of your air-conditioning. To save maybe 75 pounds...? Good luck with your build!

[]Alex Hargreaves-Turner

Thank you, ive got a few bits left to do, hopefully not much longer before i am ‘finished’, well until i decide to push a bit further.

I live in the UK. A/C is rarely needed. I must admit, ive missed having it a few times but every little helps with the Power:Weight ratio....within limits of keeping it a family/track toy car that is haha.

[]Joost Van Dien

Insane cars. RB25 engines must be one off the best engines from the 90's. Stock engines that run so much boost. Keep up the good work, they are getting rare!

[]Alex Hargreaves-Turner

Thank you. Its been a long process but i am loving every bit of it. My RB has taken plenty of abuse and has been great so far. The forging has made it even more reliable. I will keep the car going for as long as i can.

[]Joost Van Dien

Good maintance and it will live a long and happy life! Would love to drive one someday.

[]Antoni Dabrowski

Love these so much.

[]Sac Car Scene

Beautiful Car Alex. Would love to drive a R34 some day.

[]Alex Hargreaves-Turner

Thank you.

[]Robert Linsenbach

What a beautiful car! What was the import process like? Was it tedious or hard to go through?

[]Alex Hargreaves-Turner

Thank you.
The hardest part was finding ‘the one’ that matched my criteria. I used a well known importer/exporter here in the UK (TorqueGT as they also have people in Japan to inspect the cars before auction) to source it and they done all of the required paperwork and necessary bits to get it registered on the roads, the import process was quite straight forward due to that. The most tedious part was waiting for the ship to arrive and the registration documents.

[]Andrew Johnson

Beautiful. Love the interior gauges. Where did you first find this?

[]Alex Hargreaves-Turner

Thank you.
She was found in Japan. Imported her to the UK 4 years ago.

[]Andrew Johnson

Worth the effort, no doubt!

[]Alex Hargreaves-Turner


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