Curb Weight
3660 LB
Engine Size
6.0 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
189 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
11/24 MPG

My Dream car since i was 8, I had turned 16 and of course my parents thought it was a horrible car for me and thought whats better than the family grand caravan, blew the trans on it 2 months later at 200k miles, then i leased a mazda 3 had that for 2 years and decided i was going to buy the car of my dreams with the money i had earned being a cook for 2.5 years and working at toyota for another 2. I traded cars with my brother, as my mazda was a lease, and his 99 rx300 needed alot of work, changed the struts on it, new exhaust system, and sold it for 5000 with 184k. Drove my moms weekend car.. a 07 triple white beetle convertable for 4 months until i found my midnight blue metallic gto with 58k on it owned by a collector. Future plans include a big ol' blower and a race cam

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