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        Got what I thought was a great deal on this 740 Turbo, but I soon learned I probably should have demanded money to remove it from the previous owner's property! I replaced tons and tons of parts before finally getting it running, but I eventually got it running pretty well. Replaced the transmission and it moved too. The suspension was very worn out though, and I realized I didn't want to continue dumping money into making this car perfect. Currently looking for a manual Turbo Wagon to replace it!

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        I feel this probably isn't too unusual to fish out of an M46! Time to find a new transmission!

        []Sebastian Nounou

        That will not buff out....

        []Alex Pancamo

        Haha don’t think so!

        []Robert Sixto

        Yikes, what car is that out of? Gear box I'm assuming right?

        []Alex Pancamo

        Yup, that’s out of my 740’s transmission. I’m not too surprised considering they aren’t very strong, but the guy I bought the car from claimed it was rebuilt recently... yeah right...

        []Robert Sixto

        Yeah I'm always weary of those claims, "I just rebuilt it" and already you're selling it?

        []Alex Pancamo

        Yeah, exactly!

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