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I love Japanese imports as they r relyable and my dream car is a R34 Skyline as I love the design. But as a first car I would love a 240sx.

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Can someone help me find a cheapish 240sx in Uk I’m looking for one preferably from 1996

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Muscle or import???

Comment what you like more muscle or import Abd what muscle or import car is your favorite!!!???

[]Craig Crall

In today's market, it is nearly impossible to delineate a cars origin, without having a direct link to the particular manufactures supply chain and corporate contract files and that in itself might lead to another question, the definition of what an import is or what constitutes a muscle car these days?

It's a really good question though Alex, it made me use my brain for 30 seconds. With so much to choose from, I had to narrow down the categories for cars under 30k which would be a tipping point for me.

I got to drive these 8 cars in the last year or so and here's what my list looks like;

#8 Volkswagen GTI —Fun car, great road feel, but long term reliability, highly questionable?

#7 Scion FR-S — Low engine torque, takes way too long to get up to speed, blind spots, but great handling!

#6 Ford Mustang — blind spots, harsh ride, really lousy seats, like sitting on a rock, poor off boost transition/response.

#5 Mini Cooper S — Strong engine, good brakes and handling, too small for me.

#4 Ford Focus ST — Really loved this car until I had to make a tight U-turn with it, something funny going on with the diff in these things

#3 Mazda MX-5 Miata — Lots of upgrades on the new models, if it weren't for mega extra $$ mark-up at the dealer, this might top my list, but the size is still a bit too small for me.

#2 Subaru WRX — Never been much of a Suburu guy, but man this new model is so good, it works well in every category. Even though it's advertised at $29,495, local dealer price gouging packed on another $3500-$4500!!, spoiling everything I liked about it.

#1 Chevrolet Camaro V6 - I didn't want to give it back. My only complaint is rear visibility, but other than that, this car just plain works and did really well on gas. I can't call it a Muscle car can I, since it has a V-6, but I'd be quick to point out the engine makes more HP than both the 1969 Camaro SS and Z-28 versions, pulling down 335 HP.

[]Yves Vds

It really depends on the car. My favorite cars come from all continents. However, I do have a sweet spot for Japanese cars, primarily due to their reliability. The 90s were the best era for Japanese cars: the RX-7, Supra MK4, Mitsubishi 3000GT, Honda NSX, Nissan Skylines, etc. So for the 90s, I would definitely go with a Japanese car. I really liked the German design of the early 2000s (BMW E39 for instance).

[]Pat Hadley

Both but neither.
I love my GTO, and my Solstice.

Gotta say the import from Australia easily beats the domestic made in Delaware.

[]Timothy Markworth

I can get with either in some quantity. I love those big old cars like the 2G Chevelle and 3G Galaxie with their aggressive styling and massive engines. Of course, having a fondness for the 90s, the SN95 also holds a place in my heart, even if it was kinda crap.

As far as imports go, I tend to like the ones that aim strictly for the ricey side of things. When they start getting too serious, I stop caring. I'm perfectly fine with a sub-200WHP car that makes a bunch of funny noises while toting the whole family to the grocery store. Not so much with a sub-200WHP car that calls itself a race car. Get out of here with that shit.