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18 Year Old South African with a love for all things car related. Current owner of a 2015 Polo TSI daily driver that is also my first car. Hoping to bring alot of exciting future mods and builds!

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homepage tile photo for To ECU remap, or not to ECU remap, that is the question...
To ECU remap, or not to ECU remap, that is the question...

Recently there has been a trend in doing a software remap op your factory ecu in SA and I am tempte

[]Joost Van Dien

It is costwise a very good mod which can even make the car more efficient. The downside is that power is addictive and when you have it you will use it.

Go to a good company that know what they are doing so it will stay in a save configuration. You can tune an ecu that will make your engine go bang because it goes lean!

[]Van Nguyen

I have done this to my MK6 Golf GTI and it really brings out the power. I chose Tarmac Engineering who are based in AU. Costed me approx $1200 AUD. Supporting mods such as cold air intake and even just a dump pipe would help. It might pay to look into wether you would get an engine check light if you do this yourself. I wasnt able to bypass this indicator and have been told i needed a VAG-COM (VCDS cable and software). The car still runs fine but the engine check light was annoying to the eye everytime the car was driven.

[]Andre Le Roux

Nice to hear from a fellow VW owner! I am hoping to have the ECU professionally remaped as it only cost around 3500 zar, aprox $350, which is a total bargain! But I'm interested in the dump pipe idea, what brands would you suggest trying?

[]Van Nguyen

3500zar is definitely a great bargain! There are heaps of reputable exhaust systems out there. I dont feel i have researched enough to be able to provide you a good suggestion unfortunately. Just make sure you look into the law for co2 emissions in your area as each country is different - ensure you have the right size catalytic converter that could do the job. The other thing to look into also is: a dump pipe(downpipe) alone will not sound good unless you include the catback. If the noise doesnt bother you and youre all for performance then you would have nothing to worry about. Good luck!

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I've just started down the road of tuning on my own. There's a lot to learn if you want to go that route but it's worth it. On stock Saab's just a tune will give a power bump of around 40hp and from what I've been told just transforms the car. The gains just get better when you've got other mods going on too.

[]Andre Le Roux

I aggree, how did you do the tuning on your own and how pricey was thethe whole tuneup?

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[]Ernie Szots

My bro-in-law just got Hondata for his 2011 Honda Civic Si. Was able to see gains from using a base map, then took it to Compton Rob for a real tune and saw even more gains. He's now upwards of 230 bhp from the factory 197 bhp with just a few bolt ons and the tune. If Toyota ECU's weren't so annoyingly locked down, I would definitely look into remapping/tuning my car. Unfortunately, I'd have to invest in a stand alone ECU, which makes it a much more expensive proposition. Given how little power my car makes, it doesn't seem worth the investment, but it may be for your Polo, especially if you can remap the factory ECU.

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homepage tile photo for My new dream build! Meet George
My new dream build! Meet George

So it was just another boring Saturday morning and I was out on a bit of a mod run when I came acro

[]Yves Vds

Very nice ride. Love the color. It sits pretty low with just cut springs.

[]Ernie Szots

Those are cool years; great body style. Ripe for a set of airbags so it can be laid flat on the frame at meets/shows.

[]Andre Le Roux

It's almost as if they had the whole slammed look in mind when the Merc guys designed it! Looks like we both have the same idea, think with a little TLC and airbags it will be a show stopper, so sad I can't grab that thing and make it mine, dreams!