168 HP
rear wheel drive
Engine Size
2.2 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
150 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

Just picked up a project car on Christmas eve. My gift to myself. Overall good shape and needs a little TLC. Can't wait for summer. I just wanted something fun to drive when it's nice out. So far i have tried to purchase every part i could honestly think of that could possibly go wrong and also had a specialized BMW mechanic go over it and a few thins. So far i have had he valve covers seals replaced along with all 16 grommets etc. German  oil filter and oil changed with the new Quatz Total synthetic geman oil. I also had sunroof permanently closed for now(  Long story) Also purchased some clear RTV silicone to ensure sunroof is sealed permanently for not . Purchased new ignition Bosch ignition coils(6 each ), Fuel pump ( high end OEM pump for amazing deal) Also purchased fuel filter OEM german. I have also ordered and replaced rear BMW badge. I have both silicone to ensure sunroof stays sealed until i am ready to replace it as it was forced closed by previous owner and unfortunately did not damage than good. So for now i have to ensure it is water tight. I also purchased a few VL2020 batteries to fix my keyfob. I picked up a new water pump with metal impeller as it was one of he weak point of this car. Also ordered a bluetooth external mic RCB 204 clarion mic that was very hard o find a shey do not sell anymore. So my calls in the car should be clear. The only thing left to do do is replace the spark plugs while i replace the ignition coils and apply Die Electric grease of course. I was lucky enough to get car extremely cheap mechanic went through the car and was told everything is on he path to being completely brought to life. My only 2 little issue is the AC must be fixed and tested and my rear right window motor or guide must be replaced. My only gripe is for some reason i don't have access to AM FM radio so I assume he did not get the special adapter needed to connect radio to FM AM booster. I bought the car Christmas even and it has been a priority to get it ready for summer. I also noticed a little chip on the windshield that started to spread to must find the money and time to bring to local auto glass shop to get repaired before it becomes very costly. The only issue is the that the car started a bit hard and one warmed up easier to start. So between fuel pump, fuel filter, Ignition coils and plugs it should rectify the issue . The only thing i didn't bother with was the mass air flow sensor and it could very well be the issue however i will deal with it if it is the issue. Many have told me to change the thermostat while i change he water pump so will most likely do so. Should be a fund year. I purchased this car on a whim and was honestly to get for my dad. He has been gong throught some health issues with the BMW is his dream car so I figured we could build it together end enjoy i together. The car also came with 16 inc steel wheels with new Good year ultra grip winter sport tires (new ) and summer rims 17 inch and brand new Dunlop Nero Rosso tires with the expensive rims. ( Platinum wheels by Ultra (Wraith) So I sill have a lot to parts to put on that nothing a little sweat and hard work can't get fixed. I will keep you posted buys and gals. Cheers  Ok so update...ordered new water pump with metal impelar and new thermostat and the tools needed to remove the parts needed to change them both. Apparently because it is an automatic it is very difficult to remove the clutch fan or something like that so i purchased  BMW 32mm Fan Clutch Wrench Water Pump Holder Removal Tool. I hope it's not a big job to change water pump and thermostat. Still waiting for thermostat and tools. I also ordered 6 new Bosch coils and 6 new Bosch plugs, fuel filter and new fuel pump as i stated earlier. Will also be getting a little paint work done as well in a few weeks to fix the few little pain and rust issues. Nothing serious but can't stand it looking like that. Can't wait to have her all fixed up and cleaned up...Cheers

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