290 HP
325 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2500 LB
Engine Size
5.3 L
Transmission Type

I was given this car by my neighbor when I was 17.  He had 14 japanese sports cars packed in a few barns and makeshift carports.  He was going to sell it to me until my dad fixed his lawnmower and he decided just to let me have it!  Thanks, Dad!  So, I drove the car for a year until the apex seals gave out.  I was young and had no idea how to maintain a rotary, so I place the blame on myself.  It sat in a garage for the next 8 years until I finally had the funds to rebuild it.  I'd always wanted to put a Turbo 2 engine in it, but it didn't seem cost effective.  I decided that I could get more power, reliability, and fuel economy for the same cost by dropping in a V8.  I put about $6k in the engine swap, with everything sourced as cheaply as possible.  I got whatever I could from junkyards and some things from other swappers.  I started buying parts and having them shipped to my parents house for a month or two before I began the project.  After I got there, my dad and I completed the swap in just under 2 months.  I started it up, got the exhaust welded on, and drove it from Illinois to California that week.  It's been two years since then with no mechanical issues. 5.3 LM4 T5 World Class Tokico Blue shocks and struts Logic Saleen SC wheels Bridgestone Potenza S04 Pole Position 205/55/16

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