394 HP
350 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3804 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.9 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
19 MPG

Found in the midst of troubling times, this E34 M5 was purchased through eBay Motors and found its home to a bewildered and underwhelmed kid. Sold, Sold, Dinan Modified, Sold, Sold, and Sold, you are looking at the 5th owner of this M5. I've put my everything into this car, and that means a handful of money, and 200+ hours of detailing/straddling underneath the car. This car has taught me and will continue to; the art of preservation. This E34 M5 was one of the last M cars hand built by proper German engineers wearing diahrrea-brown khakis. Acknowledging this, I furthermore delved into the pedigree of this car and set out to repaint the damaged roof, remove the chrome Mk Motorsports and replace them with some 18 inch Alpinas. Regardless of the aesthetic, this car's Inline 6 will send a howling symphony straight to your pants and make you a hot mess. The M5 was going to be a project car, but it really didn't take much at all to keep it in shape. This has been such a great car to me, so reliable and she is definitely a keeper. I am very blessed and sometimes gawking at myself to say that I daily drive this car.  Thanks for reading, this synopsis was constructed in like 4 minutes, sorry. I am so thankful for this car. sosososo thankful.

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[]Chase White

Such a sick car. I'm currently considering a non-Dinan that's for sale here in LA. If you're feeling generous, I'd love to pick your brain about e34 ownership... I've been in love since my Dad had his first (of a few) midlife crisis and brought home a '90 535i when I was 4 years old. Let me know!

[]Andrew Hwang

@Thomas: Correct, this car was taken care of comprehensively with Frank, but I personally can't vouch for his work. Whatever breaks on this car, is ultimately replaced by an OEM part.

[]Andrew Hwang

@Shaheen and @Bill: Caring for a relic like this is definitely a great privilege. Not in Long Beach until next year, hope to run into u sometime.

[]Andrew Hwang

@Taylor: Yes! that 540 has some sweet paint.

[]Thom Cheese

Awesome M5 - almost bought it myself when it was for sale a couple years back. Agreed that the wheels that the previous owner had on it were a turnoff; that and the fact that it was on the other side of the country led me to search for other options. IIRC, it had work done by Frank Fahey in the past - is that right?

[]Bill Diaz

Great Job Andrew!! I know already that you just "get it" when it comes to taking care of your car. Taking meticulous care of a car you love is so rewarding on so many levels!! Great One Take with Matt Farah! God Bless and keep up the great work!

[]Shaheen Karimian

I see this car on my way to work in Long Beach! Have always spotted the Ammo sticker. Love the E34, one of my favorites!

[]Taylor Griffith

Hey man Im the guy with the 540 from the one take - clean looking m5. Hope to run into you sometime

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