261 HP
281 LB-FT
Curb Weight
4,354 LB
Engine Size
4.0 L
Transmission Type
5 Spd Auto
MPG (City/Highway)
17 MPG

Déjà vu?  Nope, just another silver Xterra. I know, I know, but why change what's already working? I continue to need an SUV to haul stuff and it's price point puts this squarely in the park-it-on-any-street-and-not-worry-about-it territory. That, and the desire for 4 wheel drive for safer Tahoe ski trips was the catalyst for getting this 2011 4X4.

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Andrew Johnson876 days ago

Last weekend after parking on a snowbank in Kirkwood, I reached for the parking brake handle and it promptly snapped the brake cable and fully extended the handle. Oops. Too many Wheaties for breakfast perhaps. Upon taking it to my local shop they also found one of my front struts leaking, which was very surprising for a Nissan with only 69,000 miles on it. But what can you do? I had them put on 2 Bilstein struts and replaced

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Andrew Johnson878 days ago

Before and after shot of the headlight restoration I did on the Xterra this weekend. I used Sylvania's $20 kit. Took about 1.5 hours but very pleased with the results. Lets see how it holds up over time... Here's the kit I used: https://wheelwell.com/andrew-johnson/94/2011-nissan-xterra/l4/sylvania-headlight-restoration-kit-hrk.bx Before After

[]Basir Khan

Looks good!

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[]Peter Russell

Nice xterra. Looks just like my six speed manual version. Same color and everything.

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