ANDREW JOHNSON'S1998 Chevrolet Corvette2dr Coupe

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1998 Chevrolet Corvette

2dr Coupe



Horsepower542 HP
Torque447 LB-FT
Curb Weight3245 LB
DrivetrainRear Wheel Drive
Engine Size6 L
Transmission Type6 Spd Man
MPG (City/Highway)18 MPG

The Story

I purchased this as an upgrade to my Z28 in 2001. After a few years in stock trim I began modifying it for power and handling. A motor swap in 2011 was the biggest change and since then the focus has been on improving it's on-track behavior. I frequent Northern California's 3 nearby road courses and take it out on the weekends for drives up California's beautiful coast line. 

Comments (40)
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[]Steve Clasen

I've been hammering through old episodes of The Smoking Tire podcast and just listened to your interview from 2015. So thanks to you, I decided to join Wheelwell. Great to be here! Officially, I think you are great but off the record, I'm jealous of your cars and that you live in California. I'll probably never drive Laguna Seca except on Gran Turismo. Sad.

[]Andrew Johnson

Welcome! TST is a great series, Matt was fun to work with. I feel very fortunate to be in California and have the opportunity to drive the amazing road courses out here. What part of the country are you in? Never say never for yourself, you don't know what the future holds! I dig your Legacy build, it looks super clean. I'm can't wait to start the build on my 2.5RS, Subarus are such a great platform.

[]Steve Clasen

Thanks Andrew! I'm in Colorado and have tracked at High Plains Raceway. I hope to venture south to Pueblo Motorsports Park this summer. A 2.5 coupe like yours is on my short wish list of affordable but very cool cars.

[]Andrew Johnson

Oh nice, Colorado is great, High Plains looks like a lot of fun!

[]Julien Lefebvre

Nice car my friend 👌

[]Andrew Johnson


[]Ben Moore

Awesome vette brother! I am located in northern california as well and have been wanting to get into the track days. Are you a member of a track club?

[]Andrew Johnson

Thanks! I have run with NCRC and Track Masters, and track days with Hooked on Driving. All good groups depending on what you're wanting to get into - competitive time trials or seat time track days. HOD is great because they have instructors there and focus on building good habits and learning your limits safely, I'd recommend starting there. They always have a full event schedule at the 3 local Nor Cal tracks, check em out!

[]Ben Moore

Thanks so much! I definitely need to check out that hooked on driving!

[]Nathan Robinson

Very Nice and Clean C5 man! I also love the CCW Classics on it. Keep up the good work, and keep doing what you enjoy!

[]Andrew Johnson


[]David Katrandzhyan

nice Vet. Always wanted 1.

[]Andrew Johnson


[]Christian Roche

love the ccw wheels! also loving the site thanks for all the hard work

[]Jeffrey Nunez

Great cars man !

[]Orion Salaün

Very cool project, and wisely made mods.

[]Chris Triggs

Awesome vehicles man! Thanks for the add!

[]Linus Karl

no substitute for cubes

[]Andrew Johnson

30ish. It's my favorite course. The surface is smooth, the turns have a rhythm and the facilities are excellent. So many places to spectate and to top it off its set in the hills of Monterey which are beautiful.

[]Kevin Kraemer

how many track days have done mazda raceway/?

[]Andrew Johnson

Thanks...I was trying a new spelling with a silent "r" ;-)

[]William Thieme

This is awesome, love all the Pfadt bits (you misspelled it on the sway bars BTW).

[]Andrew Johnson

Thanks, Jenner. I'm jonesing for the next step of gutting the suspension and adding coilovers to get the handling properly sorted.

[]Jenner Losee

Nice build!

[]Jason Nay

Man that looks fun. Nice ride brother!!

[]John Stein

TST podcast allowed me to find Wheelwell. Really like it so far!

[]Bram van Damme

The TST podcast also brought me here, i really like the idea! As you said it's also a good way to keep track of the things you do on your car.

[]Keith Little

Nice job as guest on TST podcast. Looking forward to enhancements to WW. Great job so far

[]Andrew Johnson

Thanks, Keith, we've got a lot in store! Let us know what you think!

[]Dallas Moss

Beautiful C5, keep the tracks hot in it man!

[]Annie Laughlin

Yes, awesome job to our co-founder with Matt Farah on The Smoking Tire podcast! Woot. Listen here:

[]Jason Connor

Love a good C5 and white is such a good color on it

[]Keith Little

Awesome C5! Next year will buy my C5 whip. Much like yours.

[]Ryan Brenner

Bring it along on for the beach day this weekend!

[]Michael B. Gonzales

Are we every gonna drive this thing?!?

[]Annie Laughlin

Nice ride! Get it back out on the track!

[]Brian White

Built for speed.

[]Ryan Brenner

I still can't get over how wide that car is in real life. Something about the styling makes it look normal in pictures

[]Andrew Johnson


[]Michael B. Gonzales

Dude when are we gonna take that bad boy back out to the track?!?

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