325 HP
375 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2500 LB
8.5" 10 bolt
Engine Size
5.7 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
10 MPG

I love this car. I wanted one for about 15 years, finally found one for a good price a few minutes from my house. It's an 81 RX7 GSL, or at least was. The front and rear were replaced entirely with fiberglass, the front inspired from a Viper and the rear a Stingray. The roof was chopped 2", stock floor channeled and reinforced. List of mods done: 'Python' bodykit from FiberCan All body modifications performed by them Rotary engine swapped for a mild 350 - Flat top pistons - massaged 416 heads - Performer intake - Holley 600 - HO cam (208/218-ish duration) - short tube headers going to side-pipes Muncie M21 4 speed transmission - Hurst shifter - Exedy Competition clutch - hydraulic action 8.5" rear end, 3.73 gears with an Auburn posi - uses stock LCA mounting points - modified panhard bar Suspension is all coil-overs, unknown brand or rates. Really rough and likely too stiff for the car. Front suspension is modified 3rd gen Camaro parts, all boxed and reinforced. For the interior it's all custom made - handmade dash from plastic and fiberglass, TRD seats, 4-point harnesses, Lexan windows, 12 point rollcage and aluminum paneling. Wheels are 70's Camaro, widened 2" for the rear, with 265/50-15 and 295/50-15 tires. It's fast and light, stays flat in every corner and doesn't let go of the road. Can easily out-run an SS Camaro, sadly I've not dyno'd or run it on a track to get proper times. It's going into storage shortly for 2-3 years. Moving abroad for a while. When I get back, plans are: 4.8L LR4 - ported heads - Megasquirt injection - LS1 intake - M122 Ford Racing supercharger w/intercooler - probably a used LS6 cam Super T10 4 speed - W gearset - iron case and midplate - cryo-treated gears - aluminum driveshaft Exhaust needs changed to rear-exit, need to mod the fuel cell so it's not as wide, move the reverse lights, and make some room above the axle. Will be replacing the brakes entirely, probably with 4th gen Camaro bits. Fueling I'm not even sure of yet, but obviously will need addressed. End goal is for a track car that I can drive to work, where I can adjust the power and economy levels to particular conditions and mood. I'm a patient guy, I waited a long-ass time to get one of these, I have no problem spending a few years getting it built. I'm also a machinist, have most of my own machines, and can CAD anything out I need to. This will be a fun project :)

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[]Aaron Williams

This is awesome!!

[]Andrew Johnson

Very cool, definitely one of a kind!

[]Andrew Ladouceur

I've added the info for the car, at least as much as I know. Sadly the owner of the shop that created it died a few years ago so I'll never fully know what was done.

[]Andrew Ladouceur

That's pretty accurate, it's an RX7 with identity issues :)

[]Andrew Johnson

What in the world is this?! An RX7Corvmaro? :-) More info please!

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