400 HP
450 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2895 LB
FR, 4:10 final drive
Engine Size
6.0 L
Transmission Type
T56 6spd
Top Speed
165 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
12.2 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.1 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
16 MPG

I'm just a tow truck driver... please help support my dream! www.gofundme.com/sirhoonsalot I've had this car since I was a teenager. It's been cut up and modified so many times and in so many different ways I can't keep track! I bought the car not running from an old farmer in Minnesota, where it had sat in his field for 36 years, sinking into the dirt. With a shoestring budget I got it running and used it as a very unreliable daily for years.  Fast forward to its current state; I had blown up the 327 AMC v8 and it was stupid expensive to rebuild. for half the price, I bought a 6.0 LS crate short block and rebuilt T56 from my friend Marrok, and went from there. I fabricated all my own mounts and brackets, learning to weld in the process. All the missing parts, like heads, intake, etc, I scored from the junkyard or Ebay, all used. Using a Megasquirt 3x ECU and my homemade wiring harness, I got it running with fully sequential fuel and spark. And then there was a problem. I have this car with all kinds of power, but still running sketchy old drum brakes and suspension... So I saved up, hit up Pick n Pull on all their half off days, scored myself an entire 04 mustang front subframe and suspension, and a 98 explorer 8.8 rearend. After many welding and much cutting, fabricating, cussing and doings of maths, I got it all installed to fit. The front end is mostly stock Mustang, with some custom mods to fix the geometry issues, but the rearend is a 100% homebrew Truckarm suspension I designed myself based on NASCAR truck suspension. With all junkyard brakes I had quite the sleeper... I had the itch to race my whole life. It started when I was a wee lad watching NASCAR with my dad, then grew from there when I was like 10 playing Gran Tourismo. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to race my homebuilt rust bucket at Laguna Seca for a SPEEDSF HPDE event. Much to everyone's surprise, the car handles extraordinarily well, even on all season junkyard wheels and tires!  Track days ended up taking too much of a toll on my junkyard/homebrew brakes, and I needed to upgrade. my tiny 11" mustang GT fronts were cute, but not up to the task of slowing me from 120 to 40 from marker 3 in the Andretti hairpin... Big Brake kits for my SN95 spindles started at around $1200... not possible. I did some research and found some 13" BAER brakes that were stock on the BULLITT and Cobra models, and bought some reman units at my local Orielly's. Unfortunately I did not have my good brakes installed in time for my One Take with Matt Farah... ah well.  I've since run this car at Sonoma raceway HPDE as well, where I have some videos of my battling some really high end sports cars. Good stuff! I'll add more info later, thanks for reading! Feel free to ask any questions!

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Awesome project

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Gotta see more pics, this thing is bad ass!

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