Engine B6ZE Turbo
1.6 L
5 speed

Barnyard find 92 Miata with 67k miles. One owner , no wrecks and very minimal surface rust throughout the car. Sat for 7 years in a barn so she needs some work! That's the point, right!? :) I always wanted a car to bring back to life. I chose a 92 Miata because it's a great base to learn on and it's cheap/easy to fix. I need to prove to myself I'm capable of not only fixing her up , but also able to make a fast and reliable flying Miata for the street and track. It's my dream goal and a hobby/lifestyle after I come home from work. It'll be a long road , but I already see its worth at the end. This will be fun!

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[]Peter J Nielsen

Awesome Miata. What a great find. I remember when these special editions were released with the BBS wheels and the cool interior colors. I remember I was drooling over a BRG with tan interior. I have a friend with a 1991 that bought it new. Has over 300k on the odometer and it's been pretty bulletproof....he's just had to replace the ragtop a couple of times and there have been some rust in various places, but that car has seen year round use in snow and salty roads

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