240 HP
236 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3409 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
19 MPG

I've owned 2 different 2001 RS GTI VR6's previously, and I currently own a 2009 Candy White CC 4motion VR6. But no matter what I've had, I was still dreaming about the .:R. So about 2 months ago I began researching online to see what they were going for. And after about 2 weeks and a conversation with a buddy of mine I made the decision to start seriously looking for my next car and to prepare to sell my CC. The first R I started seriously looking at was relatively close, about 150 miles to the south. But the seller turned out to be a total douche and in his final email to me said "I'm done answering questions. Come look at the car or don't". Needless to say I never responded to that. I'm not gonna take a 300 mile round trip drive if I'm not at least 90% prepared to buy the car on the spot. So given that was the closest one for sale that wasn't $19k I had accepted that now probably wasn't the time and was ready to start prepping my CC to sell. On a whim I looked at Craigslist locally to see what if anything was available. Low and behold there was a TR just 3 miles from my work. After a few messages back n forth I went to take a look at it was in fantastic shape overall. Car was all original and was basically a single owner car. The guy selling it had bought the car from the original owner 6 months prior as a daily driver, but had elected to stick with his e46 3-series instead and wanted to get his money back out of the R. And this past Friday all the paperwork got signed and the car is officially mine. It has just over 151k on the clock. Haldex service, new tires, new clutch & flywheel, and rear discs were resurfaced all within the last 2 years. The only repaint that has occurred was on the hood which was done in the last 6 months, and other than the clear coming up on the driver side mirror and along the top edge of the passenger door the clear is perfect. And while the chains haven't been done yet, I hear a slight noise which could easily be the intake bushings. And even if I end up doing the chains in the next 12 months, I'm ok with it given what's been done in the last 2 years already. Long term plans are minimalistic. Strut tower brace, rear sway for sure and may do the front as well depending on how stiff it feels with the strut tower, paint will be redone long term at some point, looking at picking up some VMR V710FF's wrapped with Super Sports this summer. Pretty much this coming year will be about preventative maintenance. Cooling system will be looked at and needed replacements will be done including the billet crackpipe, some red accents in the engine bay to match the car's paint, ram air, tie rods & ends, control arm bushings, engine/motor/dogbone mount will be replaced whenever the chains get done, and a few other things that escape me. I've waited 13 years to get this car and I fully plan to enjoy it for a long time to come. So there's no rush for me to go do a bunch of upgrades as I'd rather invest my money in the short term in fixing things that are worn out to ensure this lasts me at least another 12 years.

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