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homepage tile photo for Fiesta ST owners with Wavetrac LSD and sticky tires
Fiesta ST owners with Wavetrac LSD and sticky tires

Tried to get a solid answer but my detective skills have failed me, so asking the WW community. An

[]Andy Molnár

UPDATE: Its like having AWD. That's how huge the traction difference is. In 60F+ I cant break the tires loose in any gear starting in 1st at a stop on the street, dry weather. The handling goes way up. Your gear box explodes.... just kidding. But the shop that did the install did something wrong... I had to replace my transmission.

[]Andy Molnár

UPDATE: I have sticky tires and wavetrac LSD installed now.... the difference in every handling and traction situation is unbeliveable. It feels like awd turbo cars I've driven now. My friend who used to daily an Evo says the car feels like a mini Evo now compared to traction before the wavetrac. I wish I had done this mod before anything else.

[]Andrew Johnson

You might take a look through the Fiestas here and PM any of these that run those mods:

[]Andy Molnár

That was a great idea Andrew, but unfortunately I have done that and have not found a Fiesta ST with the LSD installed to pose this question. Sad isn't it? I'd love to get impressions from someone!

homepage tile photo for Stock KP39 Turbo Dynoed Tune Comparison (Alex@Stratified E30)
Stock KP39 Turbo Dynoed Tune Comparison (Alex@Stratified E30)

Power and Torque curves are way better on protunes. On e30 tune, hitting 27.5 psi peak boost and st

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Clean looking!

Post by Andy Molnár...

[]Ernie Szots