335 HP
290 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2660 LB
Engine Size
1.6 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
144 MPH
Zero to Sixty
5.963 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
14-35 MPG

Going into Minnesota's Plymouth Superior Ford dealership, I was already equipped with tons of reviews and information about both the used 2011 Subaru STi I test drove and the car I ended up buying. The Fiesta ST ultimately won due to its combination of the driving experience, and value. I used the car for work driving all over the state and neighboring states while IT contracting. It had enough space to make me and my girlfriend happy. It was everything I needed at the time. I'm a big fan of RWD and AWD cars, my last two daily drivers being a modified 350z and a 400hp 96' 3000GT VR-4... so my mind was blown by this little car so far. I can't wait to see what it can do next. Stay tuned!... (hooray for terrible puns)

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