109 HP
105 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2551 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
29 MPG

First car.  12/2007 Obtained my 2008 Honda Fit. 6/21/09 Buy and install Mugen window visors. 11/05/09 Painted my manifold cover "Spring Green". With little cash and even less experience woking on cars, one of my first "mods" if you'd call it that. 11/08/09 Konig B.Bomb Rims with bad tires. 01/24/11 Tanabe Springs Nathan helped me install them. Had problems. Looks good.  08/26/11 Upgraded my receiver (Pioneer BT Double din) and speakers. 2014 There was a possibility that I would be trading my Fit but it didn't happen. Removed Tanabe Springs, brought car back to stock height.  4/15 to 4/27/2015 DIY Retrofitted my headlights. Was very difficult and I made lots of mistakes. This mod was way out if my league. 4/28/2015 76389 miles One of the cylinders is misfiring. Car wobbles sometimes and shut down on the road twice. Most likely a dead spark plug. Getting a full tune up since its been a while and it could fix my problem. Replaced all 4 spark plugs, oil change, coolant, air filter, etc. seems to have fixed the problem. 2/2016 Replaced headlamps and bulbs to stock/HIDs. 8/5/2016 89527 miles Finally replaced my busted shocks for new aftermarket shocks. Stock height.  Wheel alignment as well. 

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[]Ernie Szots

Killer wheels. Super JDM.

[]Anthony Levan

Thanks for the info man! I'm definitely going to look into it.

[]Richard Hulton

hey, fyi: it's common for these cars to need new coil packs at about this mileage. if you go on the forums and search misfire, you'll find a bunch of examples of the same problem you described. the spark plugs help for a bit but the misfire will return soon. the best solution is to replace all four coil packs, then you won't have to worry about which one is about to go next. you'll be good for another 70,000. don't do it at the dealership it'll cost you and arm and a leg. order the parts online from somewhere like rock auto and they'll be about 50 bucks each. you'll need four and they couldn't be easier to install. good luck!

[]Anthony Levan

5/1/2015 i think i installed something wrong. Drove back home this weekend heard a bump. At the gas station i noticed I lost another fender liner. HID on the left is acting up also.

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