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Best mods for a G35 coupe?

So I have to wait till December to buy the car because I'll finally have an established credit scor

[]Peter J Nielsen

I would probably start with an exhaust followed by suspension (coil-overs if you have the budget) and then move on to wheels and tires. You can get some inspiration right here by seeing what other people in the community have done to their G35's:

[]Anthony Marty

Thank you, any exhausts you recommend? Motordyne on YouTube has a super nice exhaust but it's pretty high up on price lol

[]Peter J Nielsen

I would take a look at Stillen first as they are the Nissan specialists

[]Anthony Marty

Awesome thank you!

[]Adam Johnson

What do you want from your modifications? Acceleration? Looks? Handling? Is it a manual or automatic?

I just posted this on another thread but don't just throw cheap coilovers or a random set of springs on the car before you have a full understanding of how they affect the car. Coilovers don't automatically mean better handling. Neither does a stiffer spring rate.

Most of the bolt ons will not make you much quicker either...lets just start with that. Ignore the plenum spacers, CAI and headers. Most of the exhaust mods are also going to be purely for sound.

Wheels and tires are always the best starting place

[]Anthony Marty

I wanted more acceleration and handing. Looks too of course but the first two are more important to me. And I plan on manual. With the coilovers I was planning on going with fortune auto but I need to do more research to see what spring rate I need. Also I want the hr engine so I'm looking at a 2007.

[]Adam Johnson

Okay, well if acceleration is what you're after and its a manual... Look at a combo of a lightweight flywheel, lightweight pulleys, lighter wheels, stickier tires and an LSD. You will notice the difference. If you want some sound to enjoy.. just put on a magnaflow muffler. I had a custom axle-back put on for 350 bucks. Kept the stock resonator. Sounds fantastic. For probably the best acceleration relative to the money spent.. look into a shorter final drive (which you might do while doing an LSD). Better acceleration in each gear in exchange for top speed in each gear. I have done it on 2 cars now. Also, from what I have heard, Fortune makes a great coilover so that is a great pick! But yes, be sure to do your research!