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Audio upgrade post #2

My first challenge in this system build was to figure out how to get what I needed done with the bu

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First mods (Audio upgrade)

I've had my Focus ST for almost a month now. Everything I've done so far has been little cosmetic t

[]Hayden Baker

Definitely a good place to start

[]Sammie Robertson

Thats pretty cool you were a concert photographer! Do you shoot cars as well?

[]Anthony Nowack

Just for my own amusement. Never as a job. Did photos of a charity Harley ride for a radio station once but that's about it.

[]Sammie Robertson

thats pretty cool! I like to mess around with photography in lightroom but like you said, just for my amusement lol

[]Andrew Johnson

Love the STs. It seems like it might be limiting to have to keep the stock head unit - what's your plan? Just upgrade the speakers?

[]Anthony Nowack

I'm replacing all the stock speakers but trying to do a little more too. There's actually quite a few products designed to integrate into a stock system. For now I'll be using a Scosche high\low signal converter to get a preamp level signal to run to an amp to a pair of subs. But I've got my eye on this signal processor that Rockford makes that does crossovers, a massive equalizer and time delays that you control from your phone. But that's down the road. I'll be making more posts with details on the install. It's been fun so far..