Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
5 speed manual
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        This car was my father-in-law's.  He passed away January 8th, 2014.  It was his dream to be a Ferrari owner.  He spent countless hours fixing this car to what it is today.  He even improved upon the engineering.  It now sits in my garage, not as my car, but a symbol of a great person.  I am just the keeper of it and try to keep it as he did.  RIP... Bob. From my father-in-law's records... "I am the fifth owner. I purchased the car in 2007. Over time, I tracked down all previous owners and have spoken to them. I have scant service records back to 1996. The first owner imported the car to the US in April 1983. He says he put about 190,000 miles (undocumented) on it in 13 years before selling it to owner #2, who I know the least about. Owner #2, I suspect, was a car flipper and had changed out the speedo to a 180 model. 1996 service records from his tenure notes 16,xxx miles on the odometer. I bought it showing 22,xxx. It currently shows just over 30,000. The engine shows signs of a rebuild, which would have had to have been done by #2 owner, as none of the other 3 owners have stated they ever had major work done on it. I'm continuing a slow mechanical and cosmetic restoration on the car to keep it a nice weekend driver. I've been doing most all this work myself in my home shop as my favorite hobby."

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