271 HP
273 LB-FT
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
Zero to Sixty
4.9 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
245 40 18 SQUARE

What was supposed to be my going back to a 6-speed manual ended up turning into a complete track day build with some of the best partners in the industry. I have a few parties to blame for this, Pit Stop Motor Tuning (my shop), Malaka Motorsports (my friends) dragging me into Audi Performance Builds and Projects on FB, and my lack of self control on spending. The car has truly become a controversial item, from the fact that it has a giant wing in the back to being called out for reasons like “no one tracks an A4” from fellow owners in the national Audi Club forums. For all these reasons, and them some, my girlfriend and I enjoy taking turns and thrashing this wild animal around Willow Springs. To add to all this, it’s by far one of the most problem free cars I’ve ever owned (exception of Homelink module not working from day one, but that’s not why I got the car.) A lot more OEM+ features have been coded/activated including but not limited to: - Auto High Beam Assist - Lap Timer - Active Lane Assist - RS Virtual Cockpit Gauges and Font - Amber Sidemarker delete

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Aram Moss17 hours ago

Clutch on order, don’t care for the old one anymore. #launched #abused #dragracing https://youtu.be/-6ud_8HGa5A

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Aram Moss15 days ago

Full blown detail completed and looking absolutely fantastic!

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Aram Moss15 days ago

Finally coming back home after a bit over a week, she’s detailed properly! #properdetailingandgarage

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Aram Moss24 days ago

Dropped bae off at Proper Detailing, bonuse points Mac (owner of shop) is also an Audi Owner and enthusiast! #detailing #professional #byefornow

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Aram Moss27 days ago

Going in for a detail with @proper.detailing on Thursday, right after a one take with #thesmokingtire

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Aram Moss29 days ago

No launch 1,000ft kind of fun, today’s times were far quicker than before. #dragracing #fifthmile #drive034 http://bit.ly/2LXHKHg

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Aram Moss30 days ago

A little street style drag racing at Willow Springs tonight, who’s going? #dragracing #minivanhunter

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Aram Moss32 days ago

Today we flushed out brake fluid and my mechanic at Pit Stop Motor Tuning recommended we use Castrol SRF ultra high performance fluid (they use in their Ginetta race car) and I’m excited to see how this does on track. Also, 29k miles and my rotors are still nearly new. #brakejob #overengineered #castrolsrf

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Aram Moss33 days ago

After 2 years of ownership, and we all know what a black car can look like in that amount of time, I’ve finally come to terms with paying for a full blown detail and paint correction. Excited to share before/afters before July turns! #detail #paintcorrection #imtoocheapformyowngood

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Aram Moss34 days ago

New video up! www.youtube.com/ahmoss #034motorsport #dynamicplus #stage2


[]Brian Nguyen

I love your stuff! Keep it comin

[]Aram Moss

thank you Brian! def trying to make more content

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Aram Moss35 days ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO8zrS7hiKI #dynamicplus #034motorsport #stage2

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Aram Moss69 days ago

Dynamic+ Stage II Testing in full effect this weekend at #lagunasecaraceway with #034motorsport

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