430 HP
Curb Weight
2900 LB
3.70 posi
Engine Size
5 L
Transmission Type
4 speed
MPG (City/Highway)
7/16 MPG

This 1969 Mustang convertible spent 20 years sitting in a field.   It was repainted sometime during the 80's in the original lime gold metallic paint. Once pulled from the field, t he paint and interior were not touched other than a thorough buffing and cleaning. (LOTS of mouse nests!) The drivetrain is numbers matching, although the original motor has been punched out to make 340 hp to the wheels. It is 1 of 245 convertibles ever made in 1969 because it has a four speed manual from the factory. The other 10,000 or so 1969 convertibles produced either came with a 3 speed manual or automatic, making this one very rare. When I found the car, the current owners had just bought it along with 50 other classic cars, mainly Porsche's and Mercedes. They were going to be exported; the Mustang was supposed to go to a gentleman in the Netherlands. I made a deal with the owners and bought it on the spot.  Having sat in a field, there was virtually no floor. I ended up replacing the entire floor, torque boxes, inner rocker, toe boards, a few sections of frame rail, and a piece of floor support. Needless to say I became an accomplished welder after purchasing this car. I daily drive this car with over 20,000 miles in just the last year and half. The suspension, brakes and steering have all been upgraded, making it a blast to drive through winding roads. 

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[]Wyatt Fletcher

Just watched the TST one take. Nice job on bringing the car back, and kudos for letting Farah take it for a drive.

[]Kevin Caveny

That car is amazing

[]Kit Lau

Nice ride!! Saw you on the featured email, amazing!

[]Andrew Johnson

Great find and impressive restoration!

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