Curb Weight
3300 LB
Engine Size
5.8 L
Transmission Type

Disclaimer, I am not a purist. Right after I had totaled my first car, I was in a teen-life crisis mode. I went and looked for the coolest car I could afford.  according to my calculation, if I buy a project, then I can virtually boost my max budget for the car. So that mean the car had to be simple to work on.   At first I didn't think of muscle cars as something that would be track worthy, but that was before I'd started watching Big Muscle on /Drive. then I finally saw the potential that I could make a classic muscle car into a nimble track monster (also will be my daily).   So I had my category set; a Classic Muscle. Simple drive train and electronics. Great base for making a performance car. Also don't forget to mention the "head-turning" feature.   I went through crauglist for weeks. Went on a mini roadtrip with my buddy all the way into the boonies to look at some amc javelins with tree growing through them. The guy wanted 1800 for one. Almost got me, old man. Another time had me frantically text a guy about a 73 charger roller for 1500. The guy sold it before I could get through to him. Then I saw it, 1970 ford mustang. 1750. I called the guy, told him to put everyone else to the side and I'll be up there on Saturday to grab it. So 4 of us jumped in my 94 toyota previa for a mini road trip to Salisbury NC.  We got there, my most car adept friend and I goes through the car see how it is. Rustspection. My friend said, youre going to be spending months before you can get it on the road. I said, "na, it'll be right up asap." I ate the hell out of my words. But as of december of 2013, this car is mine.  It has been a long road since I had first started. I learn so much. Meets a lot of cool people. Being as young as I am in this hobby makes me feel lucky.  My original plan was to just get the car running, and then save for a total restomoding into a semi cookie cutter pro tourer. I still am on that path, just a bit swayed with mid way performance parts. Met a friend on Vintage mustang forum, he hooked me up with a 351c and a t5 along with lot of parts to go with it for 3,000. Funny story is that he also was looking into buying this same car from the guy at the time I had bought it. He said he was going to buy it to part it out. This car ran a close one with death.  My plan is to have it become modernized with a solid chassis, modern drivetrain, and top-notch custom suspensions.  this shit is gettin expensive. Thanks for reading!

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