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Super clean CanAmMaverickX3 🔥and #AssaultEquipped💪 From @ridenowphoenix // That Can-am red wrap though 😍#Maverick #X3 #SoCal #AssaultTeam6 underground #AssaultMedia

Extreme durability for your #CanAmMaverickX3! 💪 High Performance tie rods, radius rods, sway bar links and chassis brace! Save now with discount code SOCIALSAVER #SoCal #AssaultTeam6 guide #AssaultMedia

#AssaultEquipped💪 From @sidebysidestuff // The @ssvworks #CanAm #MaverickX3 at #Dunefest2017! // 😎@canam life #OregonDunes #utv #SoCal #AssaultTeam6 #AssaultMedia

Accept no imposters! If you want to get your #CanAmMaverickX3 set up right, you need to get #AssaultEquipped💪 ASAP! Radius Rods, Tie Rods, Doors, Bumpers, Steering Wheels, Chassis brace, Shifters, Cage, Universal accessories like mirrors, fire extinguisher, sway bar links and more! 🚀 #SoCal #AssaultTeam6 guide #AssaultMedia

Assault Industries makes the best, strongest aftermarket products for Can Am Maverick X3 XDS & XRS! Follow us on Instagram (@assaultutv) Like us on Facebook ( us on Twitter (@AssaultIND)Follow @assaultind on #wheelwell

🔥 From @bajadesignsofficial // Come to our Open House to celebrate 25 years of performance off road products from Baja Designs! Saturday August 26th from 3-10pm We'll have some killer display vehicles, vendors, food, drinks, and a charity raffle with some incredible prizes totaling $10k in value! Everyone is welcome to attend, so bring your family and friends. Raffle winnings announced at 7:00pm Prizes up for grabs: VIP Race Truck ride-alongs, race harnesses, gear bags, LED lights, wheels, tires, radios, and more! Plus lots of freebies and swag. All raffle proceeds are going to @warriorbuilt232 Link to the Event Page so you can stay up to date with info: Thank you for the donations from: @assaultutv @axialracing @desertassassins @discount_tire @falkentire @mobarmor @monsterenergy @methodracewheels @pro_eagle @prpseats @racelinewheels @sourapasmotorsports Tuffy Security Products UPDATE: our friends at @pelfreybiltoffroad have added a raffle donation 👍👍👍 Display Vehicles and Vendors: @caliber_9 Cameron Steele @caseycurrie @dynamicmetalwerx @elitebroncos @justinpark7147 @magnumoffroad @methodracewheels @pciraceradios @pelfreybiltoffroad @totalchaosfabrication @toyotaescondido See you there!

Shes just a little tiny bit upset 😂 Like 👌this much... From @paseos4x4colombia // 😆😆😆 @teampolariscolombia @javimanada4x4pereira @combo_rzr @atvalledupar @atv_pereira @atv_colombiacolombia 800 @utvfails @utvunderground

#AssaultEquipped From @4x4_barbie // Still going strong💪 @polarisrzr // #MyLifeAndTheRzr #Over3000Miles @nitrorednekhubert @flyracingusa @navatlas @assaultutv @fox @hessmotorsports @leadnavsystems @quadlogic_powersports @utvwiring @mbrp_powersports @warfightermade @factor55llc @beardseats @senabluetooth @adtriples @nitrocircus @sandcraft_rcr @tireblocksofficial @cryoheat @orioncoolers #LiveLifeToTheFullest #BigRedNekAdventure #RedNekRacing guide #AssaultMedia

Chip needs to work on his people skills... #AssaultMedia

Not sure what you need nearly 5000 ft-lbs of torque for, but get yourself a good helmet, harnesses and insurance! Health, life and vehicle insurance! lol! 🚀 From @cyclevin // Nikola Powersports has finalized the specifications and design for an all electric four-seater UTV dubbed the Nikola Zero. The Nikola Zero UTV is an all-electric, 400-volt plug-in, off-road and potentially street-ready vehicle. Dealerships can begin reserving production units starting in January. Starting at $35,000, the UTV will come with two performance options: 415 hp and 3,675 ft. lbs. of torque and 555 hp and 4,900 ft. lbs. of torque. #CycleVIN #Nikola #Zero #UTV #ATV #Electric #KiloWatt #KiloWatts #kW #Powersports #ROV #SoCal #AssaultTeam6 guide #AssaultMedia

#AssaultEquipped💪 with goodies inside and out! #CanAmMaverickX3 From @therealdjnoize // Now this is how a Canam cockpit should look!!! @assaultutv @offroadsoundworks @sandsportssupershow @kickeraudio @californiasound_ 1000

Chip got a change of clothes today... his lack of pants was freaking out the female team members. Put that away Chip! We’re gonna brand his suit and new sparco glove! #AssaultMedia

Spooked em! HAHA From @utvfails // Tag someone that would play chicken! Thanks for sharing @dallas__street // #UTVFails #UTVFail #SoCal #AssaultTeam6 underground #AssaultMedia

Soon to be #AssaultEquipped💪 From @buggywhipinc // Something INCREDIBLE is coming... Incredible design, incredible performance : The best of the BEST : Stay Tuned: Phase 1 of the Buggy Whip custom Maverick X3 by BFD Off Road makes her debut at UTV Invasion : Stay Connected: Our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram have radl things coming atchya!! Huge THANKS to our amazing sponsors: @prpseats @warnindustries @bajadesignsofficial @ruggedradios @fullertonsandsports #TeamRaceline @racelinewheels @cognitomotorsports @xtcpowerproducts @summersbrothersracing @ecppowdercoating @wolfdesigns @pro_eagle @ssvworks @bfdoffroad @escondidocyclecenter @attituderv @perplexed_media @shreddy.lyfe @lahorstman_photo @utvinvasion @sandsportssupershow @semashow @offroadexpo @dirt_alliance @b357wilkey @canam #AssaultMedia

Save $50 when you get the #CanAmMaverickX3 F-22 bumpers as a set! 🔥 In Stock Now! #SoCal #AssaultTeam6 underground #AssaultMedia

This ends exactly the way you think it will! 😂 From @kj_motorsports // Muddin’ Monday! Double up = DOUBLE DOWN! #SoCal #AssaultTeam6 underground #AssaultMedia

WHOAAAAAAA!!!! Got Boost?! 🏁🔥 From @qatarsandcars //sandcars #SoCal #AssaultTeam6 guide #AssaultMedia

It’s important to stay grounded 😂 @utvfails // Tag someone that sends it! #UTVFails #UTV #SideBySide #SideBySideFails #MaverickFails #PolarisRZR #YXZFails #YXZ1000RFails #YamahaYXZ #ArticCatWildCat #CanAmMaverickX3 #MaverickX3Fails #RZRTurbo #SideBySideFail #UTVFail

Better luck next time guys 🤙 From @paintcan16 // What a weekend... I have to give a lot of credit to @travispastrana for making the best out of a rough situation. We had overheating issues all day but we just pressed on and kept clicking off miles. Can't thank our crews, families, friends and sponsors enough for all of the help and support. Special thanks to @jimbeaver15 for the opportunity. Time to get the car apart and get to the bottom of the cooling issue. #PMCracing

😂 From @4x4_barbie // Day 18- Moab, Utah🤘#BigRedNekAdventure @nitrorednekhubert @stevemccann @_lewis.emily_ @shanalester @polarisrzr @superatv_com @flyracingusa @navatlas @assaultutv @fox @hessmotorsports @leadnavsystems @quadlogic_powersports @utvwiring @mbrp_powersports @warfightermade @factor55llc @beardseats @senabluetooth @adtriples @nitrocircus @sandcraft_rcr @tireblocksofficial @cryoheat @orioncoolers #LiveLifeToTheFullest #BigRedNekAdventure #RedNekRacing #RedNekRZRPilot

Meet Chip! He’s 6’3”, likes long blank stares on the beach, dresses like a and stays in shape by not eating at all and standing totally still which is harder than you think. He’s gonna be hanging out with us for a while so try to make him feel welcome! #ChipsABadass #AssaultIND #AssaultTeam6

#AssaultEquipped💪 From @carthrottle // The @polarisrzr RZR has 31" tires, a custom cage, beefed up suspension, tuned 998cc 2-cylinder with over 180hp and drives like a scaled down Trophy Truck. Tomorrow, @travispastrana hits the desert in this! @polarisrzr #RZRStarCar #VegasToReno #RZRLife #V2Rrzr ing

Better luck next time! 🔥🤙 From @adrianorellana1985 // Well that didn't go as planned! 😓 this race was ruff and tuff. Race mile 200 had to call it. It's the hardest Decision I have to make but the best for me and the team. Fuel issues would take us out. It was fun while it lasted and we had a great plan. Sad we couldn't see it play out Till next time 🖕🖕

Leaving work on Friday like! WOOOOOoooo! Its the weekend BABY!!! From @trophyburro Hey Zeus. // Video @ official officer california #SoCal #AssaultTeam6 underground #AssaultMedia

One of our good buds @sam.i.am78 sent in a shot of his new hellfire v2 grill with ride command camera! This was the first one to ship and he lent us his camera to develop the mount! Thanks man! 👌 #AssaultEquipped💪 #AssaultMediaunderground #AssaultIND

@adrianorellana1985 out there shooting for best in class! 🏁 #BITD From @energycoilracing // #SoCal #AssaultTeam6 underground #AssaultMedia

Assault Industries was born from our passion for motorsports and off road racing. We have been in business manufacturing for the off-road, military, aerospace, medical, automobile, motorcycle and bike industry for over 30 years!

Working with OEM customers like Yamaha, Honda, and Harley Davidson has helped us work towards higher standards of quality, on time delivery and most of all, customer service. Based in Orange County, California, our state of the art facility is equipped for CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, tube bending, welding, 3D laser scanning and reverse engineering.

Our commitment to developing the best, strongest and most Innovative products available is what makes Assault Industries a leader in high performance off-road products!