260 HP
215 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2,473 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.6T L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
25 MPG

A bit of a background story:  when I was 12 years old, I made a " dream car : list, and the mini cooper was one of the cars on the list. ( no I didn't want one after seeing  " The Italian Job " iv wanted one for my entire life.  So far I have been able to own the cars on my list so far, and I will continue to get the cars on my list until I'm done. The list of modifications iv done, and what I plan todo are very long, very expensive but is well worth it, because it will increase the reliability 4 times what it would be if I left it stock, or didn't do it at all.  my most recent modification was the giant 3" Magnaflow race series muffler, and before that was upgrading my charge pipes, Carbon Fiber Air Box kit, 3" cat delete downpipe from ATP Turbo, a set of Schrick performance Cams, full 3" custom exhaust from the downpipe back, a custom built K04 ball bearing turbo that has also bean Ported ( extremely fast spool up, and virtually no lag what so ever ) custom short throw shift kit, racing roll bar, fully gutted car, ( no sunroof, no pass seat ) Raceland Coilovers, perrin adjustable rear sway bar, rear cross drilled and slotted rotors, ported head, ported turbo manifold, Tanaka 4 point harness, large front mount intercooler, Forge atmospheric BOV, and I am currently working on a full custom Rear diffuser for road racing, and Time attack, and a full front splitter, with canards to help hold the front end down better.     I think the biggest mod that made the biggest bang for the buck on this car was having the head ported, the manifold ported, and the turbo ported.  with those ported, the turbo has virtually no lag, and the car plans you in the seat for the entire rev range and it never fails to put a smile on your face.  that with the performance cams really make it fun. but to be honest, all the mods iv made, they are all about efficiency.  just throwing parts at car and hoping they work isn't the greatest.  all the parts I have all work perfectly together, to maximize efficiency, and the by product of efficiency is power and thats what I have made.   The biggest hack I have come across with Mini Cooper S ( turbo models ) is to remove your downpipe, and while its out, get rid of the heat shield that surrounds it   it will make your life 10 times easier. I can now swap downpipes in less than 10 minutes with that shield out.  it will make your life so much easier and so much less downtime.  I plan on getting my custom rear diffuser done, front splitter, and canards done. I do have a Massive GT Spoiler, and I am working on making custom mounts to hold it but I will wait and see how the rear diffuser comes out. The biggest challenge with this build is not blowing all the money I make on it. Its so easy to loose all your money because the parts are really expensive and I am so passionate about the car that I have to check myself to make sure I don't blow all my money on it, and not be a irresponsible adult and not pay bills lol.   but yeah its always a challenge but I welcome each challenge every time a new one comes up. 

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[]Evan Brady

Great build

[]Austin Cl

Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. Its still a work in Progress, but its almost there

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