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homepage tile photo for 93 DSM Project??
93 DSM Project??

Hey guys, just picked up a 93 Eclipse GS. Any build ideas for her? Supporting mods, cosmetic mods,

[]Andrew Johnson

Hey Austin, check out this page for all the Eclipse builds:

[]Timothy Markworth

Since you've apparently got the 4G37, I recommend doing nothing but routine maintenance. A cam grind, bigger exhaust, and minor intake wrangling can get you to over 100WHP, but the head on these engines is no good. Boost need not apply. If you need to go fast without exploding, any of the older 4G63s should mate to that transmission.

For period accurate NFG style, strip the entire interior, AC delete, etc.

[]Austin Hayes

She is actually a 2.0 n/t. I think you're referring to the 1.8. The car is making 135hp already

[]Timothy Markworth

I thought the GS had the 1.8L. Or maybe someone already fixed it.

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I believe both were offered engines were offered.

First upgrade for any DSM is a heavy duty timing belt, in my opinion. Those things like to eat valves when that belt slips and it wasn't an infrequent problem.