250 HP
310 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3700 LB
Engine Size
4.6 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
shitty MPG

Instagram : Ausmurry Started its life as a K9 car for the Simi Valley Police Department, I got it at 100k miles and have been racing it for 20k miles now. Huge shoutout to sponsors and supporters. ADTR.net (the best place for crown vic parts) Maximum Motorsport Back Alley Rod & Custom Energy Suspension Borla Exhaust Mo's Speed Shop Wraplabs

Discuss this build

[]Andrew Troutner

It would be cool to organize a meet up at the track sometime..

[]Emmanuel Alvarado

I see you have the camber bolt kit installed, was wondering what degree you are running either negative or positive. I’m looking to use some wheels I have 275/40/R19 but the tire sticks out past the fender I was hoping maybe going negative on the camber will prevent run. Do you have any rub on the top of the fender running with 275/35?

[]Cole Krüger

What are the wheels you had on before the Cobra wheels?

[]Laurence Harrington

On the Smoking Tire you said the body had been seem welded to the frame. Can you expand on that a bit? Did you do it yourself? Did you do both sides of the frame? How long did it take? Did you notice a difference immediately, or did you not feel it until you got on track? Oh and i would love to know more about your plans for the manual swap. I have been been scheming about a Crown Vic build for a while and your car is pretty darn close to what I had imagined!

[]Sac Car Scene

What were the upgrades on the Police Units? Was there anything that made them quicker?

[]Auston Gessow

Police units received better cooling, stiffer shocks and springs and stiffer sway bars mainly.

[]Cole Krüger

Very curious as to how you modified the throttle body and plenum on a DBW Crown Vic.

[]Ryan Brenner

Nice setup, how would this fair against a tropical police cruiser?

[]Sebastian Nounou

Hey it's that angry Mustang owner from Carthrottle!

What's up?

[]Andrew Johnson

That'd be fun to see on the track!

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