200 HP
300 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2972 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.9 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
36 MPG

Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it? I've known Veronica much longer then I have known her. I had been on the lookout for first generation durangos ever since I purchased my MazdaSpeed3. However, after driving Veronica for my friend who bought it before he learned stick, I quickly fell in love. One of my friends bought this golf two years ago as a summer project. After about a year of ownership he got bored of it and decided to sell it to save for a mk7 golf R. She was then sold to another one of my friends as a daily driver. It being his first car and him not being that mechanically savvy he quickly ran into issues getting the car road legal. He decided he wanted something a little easier to deal with so he sold me the car.  Describe the modifications you've made. Where did you start,  what’s the most recent mod and what motivated it? I just purchased the vehicle so I have yet to do any modifications. The car has come to me heavily modified though. Of all the mods you’ve made, which do you think offers the biggest bang for the buck? I would definently recommend that anyone with a TDI start with an ECU flash. I've met my fair share of TDI owners and they all say it's a simple and significant way to wake the car up. How did you go about selecting the specific parts for this build? Any installation tips to share? All the parts that I will be installing will be to make the car a better winter driver and more reliable. What are you planning next? I plan on getting a new tune for the car as it is currently running very rough. I also will be getting a new head unit as it is missing a radio, and a set of snow tires for rims I have recently purchased. What’s been the biggest challenge with this build? While I do love this car, it has not been without it's challenges. It runs a collection of check engine lights, makes some strange sounds, sits too low, leaks oil everywhere, the alternator squeels when it starts, and the transmission is going. But it's a 250 thousand mile car that I paid $1000 for so I didn't expect anything else. The ECU is going to require the most work to get the car sorted but I believe with some love it will get me through the next 3 winters I'm in university for.

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